Remote Areas

Always check road and weather conditions before travelling into remote areas.

Generally this information is for independant travellers, or those hiring a 4WD campervan.  If hiring a 4WD campervan please check that your intended route is allowed under the terms and conditions of vehicle rental.  Some popular tracks are restricted based on time of year and weather conditions at the time of travel. If hiring your vehicle through Gallivanting Oz we can help you with this, or check with your supplier.

If travelling in remote areas please advise the local police or some other responsible person of your intended itinerary and report back on your arrival.  Ensure your vehicle is mechanically sound and carry ample water and spares such as tyres, radiator hoses and fanbelts, together with a good tool-kit.

Two way radios or satellite phones are recommended as normal mobile phones do not work in remote areas.  If spare fuel is required, this should be carried outside the passenger compartment and always gauge your requirements.  Over loaded vehicles invariably get into trouble.

If you do break down, stay with your vehicle until help arrives.

Gibb River Road

Gibb River Road

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