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Carnarvon Gorge National Park

Australia National Parks

Planning on visiting one of Australia’s beautiful national parks? Many of our clients who come to campervan in Australia, visit our National Parks. With over 500 national parks and over 28 million hectares of land that is designated as national parkland, it’s not surprising to see why so many people wish to visit these unspoiled […]


Motorhome Holiday to Canberra

Thinking about visiting Canberra in your motorhome? It’s easy, pick up your motorhome of choice in Sydney and set out on your way! With its ideal placement amid a set of valleys and bordered by the Brindabella Ranges on the west, Canberra is an inspiring place to visit. The destination’s natural attractions make it perfect for […]


Getting to Tasmania from Melbourne

Since at least 40% of Tasmania consists of National Parks and reserves, it’s the ultimate place to get away from it all, experience the great outdoors and relax. A self-driving campervan or motorhome adventure makes the perfect way to explore this island-state of mountains, beaches, animal sanctuaries and quaint towns. Driving is easy on good roads […]

Darwin to Perth scenery

Darwin to Perth by Camper

A self drive holiday from Darwin to Perth, or vice versa, is very popular to explore in a camper.  This gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want at a pace that suits you.  We’ve put together this video as a starting point to assist you planning your motorhome holiday from […]