Camper Vans and Insurance Excess

It can be quite a confusing process when you first start looking into renting camper vans in Australia.  Each company seems to have different way of calculating the rates and inclusions, which of course can affect the bottom line and holiday experience.  Then there is this business of trying to understand the insurance excess.

Camper vans are perfect for exploring Tasmania

Camper vans are perfect for exploring Tasmania

At Gallivanting Oz we use a number of suppliers to ensure we can match the right vehicle to your needs.  There is no extra cost for dealing with us, however you’ll benefit from our service and experience.  Bookings for camper vans are made directly through us.

The benefit of this is we do understand which vehicle will be the best camper van for your holiday based on what you are looking.  Our point of difference is the service that we can offer you – not only do we know the vehicles, we also know Australia.  There’s a pretty high chance that at least someone in our office has been where you are planning to explore.

One of the questions we are often asked by clients looking to rent camper vans is regarding insurance excess.  The standard rates that you may have noticed quoted have a fairly high excess (liability) which can range from AU$1000 – AU$7500 depending on the supplier and age of the vehicle.

This liability can be reduced by paying a higher daily rate, or we can arrange an ‘inclusive package’ with all of our suppliers.  This simply means that you ‘bundle’ extras, along with the $0 excess insurance into the hire which saves you money and also provides peace of mind travel.  Each of the different suppliers offers different inclusions, so important to check this for best value for money.

Most of our clients do prefer to have peace of mind travel and do take the Nil Excess when they rent camper vans.

For those that do decide they would prefer a lower daily rate and assume the risk there is a down side.  The amount of the insurance excess is charged to their credit card at the time of pick up.  For a lot of people AU$7500 is higher than their credit card limit, so thought needs to be given if this really is the right option.  For our international clients there is also an exchange rate risk that needs to be taken into consideration with some of our suppliers.

There is another option for those that are willing to take some of the risk, and that is to partly reduce the insurance excess or liability.  There is a higher daily rate charge to do this, but the cost is less than reducing to $0 excess.  Usually this option reduces the excess to about half of what it was originally, and again this needs to be charged to the credit card at time of pick up.

If you’d like to find out more information on campervan hire with us, get in touch as we’d love to speak with you and help plan your trip of a lifetime down under.