Campervan to rent in Australia

Looking to rent a campervan in Australia?

There are plenty of rental campervan and motorhome options to suit all tastes and budgets.  Choices range from ‘older’ campervans to hire, to new motorhomes with a luxurious interior to rent.  Spend time speaking to experts, like ourselves, to ensure you are hiring the best campervan for your holiday plans.

It’s the little things that can make a difference once on the road.  For example, it is too late, once you get into bed on the first night, to realise that the bed is not long enough….or too narrow, or whatever the problem might be.

Choosing the right vehicle for your planned holiday route is important as well.  Many companies only allow 2WD campervans and motorhome hire on sealed roads and minimal unsealed roads, for example to a recognised camping ground.  If you are planning to explore back roads throughout Australia, check to see if these are sealed or unsealed.  If unsealed, a 4WD camper may be your best option to enjoy these roads.

Gallivanting Oz uses a number of suppliers to provide the best campervan for you to rent in Australia.  Speak to us about your intended travel plans so we can provide tips for a hassle free holiday and assist with getting the best campervan deal for your holiday.