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Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, VIC

Top 5 things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne: Australia’s coffee and cultural capital, a city of architecture, art among the infamous laneways, a city thriving with fantastic restaurants, quirky cafes and charming little side streets that’ll keep you busy exploring for days! To make your time in Melbourne easier, we have selected not only the Top 5 highlights but suggestions that go […]


Family motorhome holiday in Western Australia – why everyone needs to go on one!

Picking up your motorhome hire from Perth is just the beginning of your exciting adventure in this corner of the country. Western Australia has been on our bucket list since, well…forever!  So, why the delay?  Well, as we needed to fly, literally, from one side of the country to the other, hubby and I seemed to keep getting […]

on the road in western australia

South Western Australia – spectacular family motorhome holiday

The beauty of the regions directly south of Perth, is that you can see so much without having to travel very far at all! On our recent family motorhome holiday, as we only had a short timeframe, had us spending the first few days in the Perth region, discovering the city, Fremantle and beautiful Rottnest […]


Motorhome hire from Perth – our recent adventure!

WA’s beautiful capital city may seem a bit of an obvious start or finish destination when you’re visiting the great western state, but it was surprising how many people we spoke to who’d done little more than visit the airport and the motorhome depot! Why not add a couple of days before or after your […]

Family road trip fun keeping the kids entertained and swimming

Family Road Trip!

The very words evoke feelings of freedom, of adventure…or fear! He’s hitting me! I need the toilet again! Are we there yet? Just joking…sort of! Travel with kids can be incredibly rewarding and adds a whole new dimension to any trip. Seeing things through their eyes is just magical, as is watching their self-confidence and interest […]

Monument to Captain Cook Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island – before the motorhome holiday in Australia

A tiny Australian island located in the South Pacific Ocean, which lies closer to the northern tip of New Zealand than it does the east coast of Australia, forms one of Australia’s external territories, and is a popular addition to incorporate with an Australian motorhome holiday. It is a beautiful lush green island defined by […]

Kondalilla National Park Rock Pools

Kondalilla Falls National Park Queensland

A short trip of about an hour and a half, and 91 km north of Brisbane you’ll stumble across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and few hidden gems up there too! It’s a favourite spot for one our members of the Gallivanting Oz team. They recently set off on a day trip to explore Kondililla National Park, […]


South west corner of Western Australia – bird watching

Are you looking to hire a camper and travel around the south west corner of Western Australia? Some of our clients have a specialist interest in nature or bird watching. If that is you, and you are renting a motorhome from us to explore south of Perth, you may find this information useful to find […]

Tregole National Park near Morvin QLD

Tregole National Park

If you are out and about in your campervan and are looking for interesting routes across Australia and places to stop at along your way, you could check out our travel route suggestions. Our Travel Routes page has heaps of really helpful information on places you can stop at and explore when you are out […]

Blackall Black Stump

Blackall and the Woolscour

If you are venturing up through the heart of Queensland, then you may find yourself passing through Blackall. With a population of 3,000, this quiet country town is nestled on the banks of the Barcoo River with trees down the centre of the main street, lots of old-style pubs and a lazy air that’s quite […]