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5 misconceptions about motorhome hire

Let’s delve into some common misconceptions about motorhome hire and give some clarity around what a motorhome holiday in Australia is really like. We’ve heard from a few, that the thought of travelling in a motorhome hire is not ‘everyone’s cup of tea,’.  While we love motorhoming, we also know that if you haven’t been […]

82 Ebor Falls

Motorhome Hire Sydney and Waterfall Way

If you are picking up your motorhome hire from Sydney and heading north or perhaps you have picked up your motorhome hire from Brisbane and are heading south, either way Waterfall Way makes for a worthy stop and you won’t be disappointed you did! Waterfall Way…even the name evokes a feeling of delight!  This dreamy […]

Motorhome Hire On The Road Map Reading

7 questions about motorhome hire you never thought to ask!

Are you starting the process of planning for your big adventure and working out the best motorhome hire? You may have a few questions.  But as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know, so we’ve shared a few popular questions and answers to help you understand all the juicy details to make the […]

Tomaree National Park in New South Wales

Brisbane to Sydney: hassle-free campervan hire adventure!

Could there be anything more Aussie than gathering up your family or a few friends and hitting the open road in a campervan hire from Brisbane? Hanging out with your favourite people, singing along to great tunes, unplanned detours to hidden gems, hot chocolate around the crackling campfire…. ah, the freedom!  We reckon everyone should […]

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What features are important to you in a motorhome hire? 

Considering a motorhome hire for your next holiday? If so, what features are important to you? Are fly screens important to you or do you know what difference an inner sprung mattress can make to your holiday?…ahhhh that feeling of comfort when you get into bed after a long day of exploring!   And we even have an […]

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Motorhome Hire | what is it like driving a motorhome?

If you are a little nervous or worried about driving something that seems big, such as a motorhome, then these top tips might help you feel more comfortable with what to expect. We often get asked how easy it is to drive a motorhome when someone is looking at motorhome hire in Australia. Here is […]

Motorhome Hire 4 Berth Australia Camping

Road trip with a motorhome hire? Here’s everything you need to know…

Fellow Australians! The time has finally come to escape the house and start your next adventure in a motorhome hire! The rest of the world may still be off-limits, but there are so many amazing Aussie destinations waiting to be explored just around the corner in a motorhome hire. So, what are you waiting for? […]

Out on the road in Central Qld

Current travel restrictions within Australia

If you are looking at a motorhome hire now that travel restrictions are easing, then you might want to know what you can do and where you can go in each of the states. COVID-19 Travel Restrictions – Your State by State guide. Australia is beginning to reopen, and life-expanding beyond our local neighbourhoods.  The […]

Babinda Boulders QLD

Motorhome hire from Cairns

Are you considering picking up a motorhome hire from Cairns and thinking about your itinerary? Then look no further and add this to your bucket list adventures! Picture yourself surrounded by lush green rainforest, breathing in the rich, earthy smell of the forest floor mingled with the sweet scent of freshwater, bird calls filling the […]