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Gallivanting Oz was set up by our extended family in Australia and New Zealand. We have all travelled extensively throughout Australia and the world, using a variety of travel options.

268 Stanley The Nut Chairlift

Tasmania Escorted Motorhome Tour Highlights Feb 2020

Tasmania’s breathtaking natural beauty, fascinating history, and tantalizing cuisine always capture the imagination, and this was certainly true for our escorted motorhome tour group who travelled all around the beautiful ‘Apple Isle’ on their 21-day adventure earlier this year. Would you like to see more of what our Gallivanters got up to? We have put […]

Babinda Boulders QLD

Motorhome hire from Cairns

Are you considering picking up a motorhome hire from Cairns and thinking about your itinerary? Then look no further and add this to your bucket list adventures! Picture yourself surrounded by lush green rainforest, breathing in the rich, earthy smell of the forest floor mingled with the sweet scent of freshwater, bird calls filling the […]

litchfield national park waterfalls

Motorhome hire from Darwin – day trip to Litchfield National Park

If you are picking up your motorhome hire from Darwin then you might want to consider a trip to Litchfield National Park. Grab yourself a drink and join Belinda and Russell in their happy hour as they share their top tips for visiting Litchfield National Park in a motorhome hire. Litchfield National Park is a […]

IMG 2107

Motorhome Hire Options – Two berth with toilet/shower

Sometimes it can be confusing as to which is the best motorhome hire for you. Everyone’s needs and budget are different, however, one of the most popular motorhomes for couples is a two-berth with a toilet and shower on board. Grab yourself a cuppa and watch this 6-minute video that will take you on a […]

112 Lake Argyle Swimming Pool

Out on the road in your motorhome hire? Here’s our top 8 campsites with pools!

As you may know, at Gallivanting Oz, we’re all about motorhome hire…but we also know a thing or two about campgrounds! Whether you’ve gone for a luxury motorhome hire for a romantic getaway, or a big comfortable family motorhome hire and have a couple of ankle-biters in tow, there’s nothing finer than heading back to […]

853 Archway Explorer Tour At Undara Lava Tubes

The Undara Lava Tubes in a motorhome hire

Are the Undara Lave Tubes on your Cairns motorhome hire itinerary? The small tropical city of Cairns in far North Queensland welcomes millions of visitors each year, who flock from all over the world to visit two of Australia’s biggest natural drawcards; the twin World Heritage Areas of the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree […]

western australian sunset beach motorhome

Weather travel tips for motorhome hire in Australia

The Australian climate can be very confusing, even to our Australian travellers! We often get asked for motorhome hire up in the Northern Territory over our summer, but as it is the wet season, travel is not usually advisable! The climate in Australia can be complex to understand, so we’ve written this blog to help explain […]

IMG 6976

Creating family memories in a motorhome hire

When you are planning your next family holiday in a motorhome hire, it’s easy to create family memories with these easy ‘quality time’ activities! Hands up who’s ever secretly felt a bit daunted by the prospect of spending an extended period cooped up with the kids?  Please don’t feel alone – as it happens, we […]

motorhome hire self care

Stressbusting during the COVID-19 crisis

A few tips on self-care! Over the last couple of weeks, you may have found yourself doing some weird stuff.  Compulsively seeking out new information, speaking a little too fast, not thinking straight or feeling unexpectedly teary, restless or irritable. Maybe waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get […]