Mobile Phone Coverage when travelling in Campervan or Motorhome

Depending on where you travel, mobile phones can be an option.  Most towns and cities have coverage, but there are plenty of areas in between that do not.  Telstra 3G currently has the best coverage, however there are still many locations in the outback and some coastal areas that do not. You can check our latest blog here for the most up to date information.

If you are travelling to Australia from another country, have roaming placed on your mobile phone prior to leaving.  Check the costs with your provider as the costs for this can be expensive, especially if you are making phone calls.  If your phone also accesses the internet, please check with your provider as there are some pretty scary stories of horrendous charges.  If travelling for a period of time in Australia, a cheaper option may be to purchase a ‘pay as you go’ sim card and either put in your phone if it is not ‘locked’ to your current provider, or purchase a cheap phone in Australia.  These can be purchased in all cities, some supermarkets and regional towns.

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