Caravan Rentals versus Camper Hire

August 23, 2010

Before heading out to explore the great country of Australia, a decision needs to  be made as to the type of vehicle you wish to hire.  Options include caravan rentals or a camper hireCampervan hire or motorhome rental can be further broken into one with an onboard toilet/shower or without.

Caravan Rentals

When flying into Australia, or departing from a city that is not your own, then caravan rentals are not really an option for you.  The reason for this is not only do you need to consider renting a caravan, but you would also need to hire a car.  This can push the cost up significantly.  Many rental vehicles do not come with a tow ball, so only premium vehicles could be considered.  A ‘caravan’ is towed behind a car for those that are not sure of the difference.  At Gallivanting Oz from April 2011 we will have a 4WD vehicle and caravan set up available for our international guests, or locals are able to rent a caravan that suits your needs.

A benefit of caravan rentals if you are departing and returning to the city you live in, and are planning on using your own personal car is the ability to leave the caravan at your evenings camping location.  Unhitching the caravan is fairly easy allowing you to drive into nearby towns.  This is fine if you are camping in commercial camps, however not everyone is comfortable to do this when freedom camping in a remote location.  Although, realistically, you may not want to explore anywhere else since you are probably in a beautiful location already!

Campervan Hire or Motorhome Rental

Flying in from another city and planning to explore Australia it is popular to hire a campervan or motorhome rather than caravan rentals.  Having your transport, bed, kitchen and most likely a toilet/shower with you all the time, really does make for an easy holiday.  There is no need to plan exactly how many kilometres you must travel each day to ensure you have a bed at the end of the day as it is with you at all times.

For those that are departing from and returning to the city they live in, there really is the dilema whether to consider caravan rentals or camper hire.  Each has their pro’s and con’s and can end up being a personal choice, and sometimes it really comes down to where you are planning on travelling and what you are doing along the way.

If you are continually on the move, for example looking to explore the outback of Queensland for a few weeks, stopping in many beautiful freedom camps and a few commercial camps in the main towns a campervan or motorhome hire would suit you perfectly.  Most towns are easily set up for motorhomes and parking is generally a breeze if you choose to rent a larger motorhome.  Another benefit of motorhome rentals is when exploring a ‘side road’ which turns out to be spectacular, and you wish to travel further along the road than initially planned, there is no need to double track – you have everything with you so exploring is very easy.

When considering caravan rentals, you must also factor in the wear and tear on your own personal vehicle to the cost if you are a local.  There are many different types of caravan rentals with some quite large.  Is your vehicle powerful enough to tow the weight?

Caravan rentals may be the best option for you if planning on driving to one destination and basing yourself there for a few weeks.  You may find that having your car, especially if it is a 4WD allows you to find that perfect fishing spot, or it is easy to pop into the nearby town for fresh milk and bread.

As you can see there are many pros and cons for each.  The team at Gallivanting Oz have travelled in both and are happy to discuss options with you for your next best trip.  If you would like to speak with us or find out more about Campervan or Motorhome Hire either request a campervan hire or motorhome rental quote, or send us an email.  We look forward to speaking with you and are happy to call you at a preferred time.

Motorhome Hire or Caravan Rentals?

Motorhome Hire or Caravan Rentals?

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