Packing Tips for Campervan or Motorhome Hire

July 8, 2010

Many people make the mistake of bringing too much luggage, with the idea of ‘just in case’.   Remember that while campervans do have storage, you’ll find a more comfortable holiday if you are not tripping over bags.  You will probably find that when you unpack there were a few items you packed ‘just in case’ and they haven’t even been touched.

  • departing from your own city?
    • only take enough food for the first two days
    • if buying extra ‘equipment’ for your trip – again, only think about the first two days

There are plenty of stores in the cities and regions throughout Australia where you can purchase any equipment that you need.  This is important if you are buying something specifically for this campervan holiday.  By buying enroute you will not only be supporting local businesses, but only buying what you really need.

  • Travelling from a different city/country to pick up your campervan?
    • Bring your clothes and luggage in soft bags as these are easier to store in the campervan than suitcases.  Most campervans have shelving/compartments for clothes, so easy to unpack your personal belongings for easy access and roll up the bag to store

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