Freedom Camping

We find there is nothing better than stumbling upon a beautiful location to spend the night while on the road in our campervan.  Away from the cities, we really enjoy freedom camping.  Freedom camping in your campervan or caravan is allowed in designated areas in literally thousands of locations across the country.  Some are simple road side rest areas to break up a long drive, but several are in picturesque locations and allow campfires.  These are also referred to as bush camps in Australia.

After a day of exploring, there’s nothing better than to sit down in your camp chair around a fire and enjoy a drink, sharing tales of what we’ve seen.  When hiring a campervan you can include camp chairs as part of your package, or you can purchase them if you prefer.  This is perfect, especially if you are travelling with your friends.

There’s an excellent book called ‘Camps Australia Wide’ or more commonly referred to as ‘camps eight, referring to the latest edition.  This details thousands of freedom camping locations throughout Australia, which is excellent when planning your trip.  The guide lets you know what facilities are available and how many kilometres from the nearest towns.  We think this book is so great that we offer it for you to purchase or if you hire a selected motorhome like the Maui brand, we’ll include it for free, if you’re hiring more than 21 days.  The map’s also provide good detail for trip planning.

Another way to find the free, low cost and commercial camps is via Wiki Camps, where you can download a low cost app to your smart phone or tablet. Other users post their reviews also, which is great for trip planning.