Motorhome Rental Guide

Motorhome or 4WD Camper Hire: Where to Start?

Here’s the most important thing to remember about hiring a campervan or motorhome… one size doesn’t fit all!

We know that the right information at the start of holiday planning can make a big difference to your experience. There is so much to think about, such as where to go, the best time to go and which is the best motorhome hire for you. It’s the little things that can be so easily overlooked that can make the difference once on the road, and we’re here to help you get it right, at no extra cost!

Follow our easy 4 step process:


Where do you want to go?

Do you have a bucket list corner of Australia to explore or are you looking for some inspiration? We have provided a list of Suggested Travel Routes that explore many of the popular routes across Australia, which also recommend when to go and roughly how long you might need to do that trip. Obviously, everyone is different with how they like to travel; however, this is a good guideline to start your planning.

Perhaps you may prefer some company on the road and have all the organising done for you?  Our popular escorted motorhome tours take you to a variety of locations across Australia where you’ll be sure to make many happy memories.

  • If your route is going through multiple climatic zones, such as hiring a motorhome from Adelaide to Darwin, we’d suggest sometime between May - September. Always better to consider the northern most part of your travels for your planning.

Once you have worked out where you’d like to travel in your motorhome hire, it is important to consider the climate and understand the best time of the year to go.


When is the best time to go?

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With Australia being so large, there is no simple answer about ‘when’ the best time is to come to Australia. Once you’ve worked out where you want to go, this question is easier to answer.

As a rule of thumb, if you are planning to spend any time in the top half of Australia, we’d suggest winter is the better time, or roughly May to September, which we refer to as the dry season. The northern half of the country experiences a wet season during the summer months, which is when the temperatures are much hotter and it well…rains. This can impact your experience and cause road closures in some areas, meaning its not a popular time for tourists.

On the other hand, places such as Tasmania are best to explore during the summer months when the temperatures are warmer. The southern states do experience the cold (and snow!) however can also be quite hot in the middle of summer for many travellers. For this reason, places like NSW, VIC and SA are great to visit in spring in winter.

Many popular travel routes go across the length of Australia, meaning they traverse through multiple climatic zones.

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  • If that is the case, such as if you’re hiring a motorhome from Adelaide to Darwin, we’d suggest sometime between May – September. Always better to consider the northern most part of your travels for your planning.

Want more information on discovering when is the best time to travel around Australia in a motorhome hire?

We are very passionate about making sure we let you know if your enquiry seems a little ‘off’ in terms of travel dates based on the areas you are visiting. It is so much easier to make these changes at the early stages of your planning than once flights etc are booked. Please ensure you do reach out if you are unsure with the best dates for your planned motorhome holiday. Australia is a huge country and has a range of climatic conditions – a bit of early intel now can make all the difference!


What is the best motorhome or 4WD camper hire for me?

Choosing the right campervan or motorhome for an Australian campervan holiday is crucial for the best experience. From experience, we know that it’s the little things that can be so easily overlooked that can make the difference once on the road.

We have partnered with the top brands to ensure a complete range of options to suit a range of needs and budget. Remember, you’re not paying any more to book through us or for our advice. We know the vehicles and we know Australia.

Vehicle Size

Apart from the obvious point of choosing the right size camper hire to accommodate the number of people travelling, some couples also prefer our larger four or six berth motorhome hire. This provides extra space inside the motorhome, more storage, plus if you are visiting family on your motorhome travels, gives space for someone to join you for a night or two.

When determining the right size motorhome for your travelling party, the number of people travelling will be the minimum sized motorhome hire you will need. Even if you share a bed with your children, each person travelling requires a seatbelt.

We have a large range of motorhome hire options for you to view and filter by size to help narrow your thinking. We also know the little features can make a big difference once out on the road, so please do let us know what you’re specifically looking for you in your motorhome hire.

Motorhome Rental Guide Vehicle Size

You’ll see we have campervan hire depots in many locations all over Australia. In case you’re wondering, one-way hires are not a problem in Australia. For many popular trips, the one-way route definitely makes is the best solution.

The location you’re travelling will also determine the best motorhome or 4WD camper hire for your trip. If you are travelling on unsealed roads or specific 4WD tracks, you’ll need to consider a 4WD camper. If you’re unsure if the area you’re heading to is sealed or unsealed, please ask…chances are we’ve travelled that route before.

The 2WD motorhomes need to stay on the sealed roads – most of our partners do provide a little flexibility of travelling up to 12 km on a well-maintained road to a recognised campground which is helpful.

We even have campervan hire in Broome, which is considered a remote location. It is good to know that this is an option, even though there is a remote location surcharge fee – especially if you are time poor or just do not want to travel the popular route from Darwin to Perth.

Motorhome Rental Guide Location

With lots of different options, we have something for everyone’s budget. We don’t presume that you want the cheapest – it is more about understanding what features are important to you and offering the right vehicle for your holiday experience. There are so many subtle differences that make a real difference. Through the booking process, we’ll make sure you have value for money.

If having the cheapest motorhome hire is important to you, we can help. Let us know you prefer an older option, so we show you the cheaper options and ensure you holiday budget works best for you. The great news when travelling in a motorhome hire is the savings you will make by having your kitchen with you – saves having to ‘buy something’ every time you’re hungry. Great for those that prefer healthy eating too!

We also speak a little more about insurance below – there are some variances with our partners as to what is or isn’t covered. No one likes surprises at pick up.

Motorhome Rental Guide Budget
Toilet & Shower

If you’re planning to do any freedom camping, you’ll need to do look at a self-contained campervan hire with a toilet and shower on board. Many of our clients prefer the comfort and convenience of having this on board, although we do offer plenty of camper hire options with and without the toilet and shower on board.

Motorhome Rental Guide Toilet Shower
Features & Inclusions

All campervans, motorhomes or 4WD options have onboard kitchen facilities. These vary from basic in the 4WD campers to apartment living in the larger 4 – 6 berth motorhome hires. The motorhome kitchens have a sink, fridge/freezer, hot/cold water, gas cooktop, microwave (operates when plugged into power), with some even having an electric grill or external gas BBQ!

These days you’ll find the majority of vehicles with up to date technology on board such as radio, Bluetooth, USB, DVD players with flat screen, and CD player. Some even WiFi capability ensuring you are spoilt with a choice of entertainment during your trip.  Not all motorhome hires have a TV aerial (due to issues with reception by location) – if having the TV is important to you on the road, let us know.

All the campers have aircon and heating in the drivers cab and the larger style motorhomes which have a toilet/shower on board will have aircon accessible in the main cabin as well, when the motorhome is plugged into power (such as at a campground). Most of the larger motorhomes also come with fly screens and awnings.

Bedding is included with motorhome and 4WD camper hire.

Most of our partners include camping table and chairs with the popular package or as a standard inclusion.

Motorhome Rental Guide Features

We’re often asked if motorhomes are easy to drive – the good news, is that yes, they are! Fitted with power steering and with most being automatic, they’re not that different to operate from your car. Although, of course they are larger in size to what you might be accustomed to driving, it won’t be long before you are feeling confident behind the wheel. The drivers seating position is much higher, they have oversized mirrors and some options come with reversing cameras too, all making the driving experience much easier than you think!

You do not need a special driver license to drive a campervan or motorhome in Australia - all you need is your current full driver’s license which will need to be presented when you and you collect your motorhome. If you have a foreign driver license and it is in a language other than English, it will need to be accompanied by a current international driving permit issued in the same country as the drivers license was issued.

The majority of our partners have a minimum age of 21 to drive the vehicles. Some of our partners don’t have an upper age limit, and others do have a maximum age of 80 years. If you’re one of our more experienced travellers, do let us know if any drivers are nudging 80 so we can make sure we recommend the perfect motorhome.

Motorhome Rental Guide Drivability

When providing advice on the best motorhome hire or 4WD camper hire options that are available and meet your needs for your trip, you will be shown what level of insurance options are available to you. There are three main levels of insurance:

  1. Standard Insurance
  2. Reduced Insurance
  3. Package or Inclusive Insurance

Take a read about the details regarding insurance options for motorhome hire and 4WD camper hire.

Motorhome Rental Guide Insurance

Why book with Gallivanting Oz?

We are not a cookie cutter service.

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For over a decade we have been delivering a high-quality customer service. Based in Australia, we’re here to support you and together, we know we’ll create your dream motorhome holiday.

We help remove much of the confusion around motorhome hire and provide value for money, leaving you to focus on the exciting stuff like planning your holiday! Because our team are so passionate about travel, you’ll find when speaking with us that we are genuinely as excited about your holiday as you are!

There is no extra charge when dealing with us and there are no hidden motorhome hire fees when you book with us, all the costs are outlined up front so you don’t get any nasty surprises at pick up.

Also we are based in Australia, so should you have any questions while you are out on the road, we’ll be here to support you – real time!

  • Benefit from a large range of motorhome hire and 4WD camper hire options without paying a single cent more for dealing with us
  • Benefit from our firsthand experience on a huge range of travel routes all over Australia
  • Benefit from our knowledge of knowing and understanding the small details of each vehicle and how this affects your experience
  • We’re here to answer any questions you may have before and after booking
  • Speak to a human who is generally interested in making sure you have the motorhome holiday of your dreams
  • Option of joining us on an escorted motorhome tour, or freestyle it and travel where you’d like to – either way, we can help
  • No extra charge when dealing with us with no hidden ‘extra’ fees when you book with us. All the costs, such as one way fees are outlined up front so you don’t get any nasty surprises at pick up.

Watch this video for an overview on how to get started for your camper adventure!

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