Considering 4WD campervan hire or a 4WD Camper?

December 23, 2010

4WD campervan hire

4WD campervan hire

Planning on exploring a little off the beaten track when you come to Australia?  If that is the case, then you may be interested in 4WD campervan hire, or even a 4WD Camper which you can sleep in.

Most 2WD campervan and motorhome hire companies in Australia only allow a minimal distance to be travelled on unsealed roads without breaching the contract.  Please speak with us if you’d like more information regarding restrictions on 2WD campervan hire or motorhome rental on unsealed roads.

While there is plenty to see on the sealed roads in Australia, in fact you can easily go around all of Australia without having to go on an unsealed road, for some, exploring side roads is part of the adventure.

A 4WD campervan hire or a 4WD Camper gives you the freedom of exploring where you’d like to go.  4WD campervan hires, come in a variety of vehicles and styles to suit pretty much every traveller.

What’s best for me?

Depending on the number of people you want to travel in the 4WD campervan hire, may narrow down the choices.

If you are three or more persons, or a family we have a few options:

  • You could consider one of our new Outback Campers, which has  a ‘pop top’ roof for an extra bed.  The four passengers travel together in the twin cab, and with the benefit of the Camper at the back, cooking will be a breeze.
  • We also have a larger 4WD campervan hire that can also come with a tent.  The downside is that the tent will need to be pitched each night, however on the upside you will all be able to travel together in the one vehicle – these options can transport up to five adults
  • We also have a 4WD Troopie Hire which has a roof tent.  Two passengers can sleep in the roof tent, with the remaining staying in a tent on the ground.  This vehicle also has an electric fridge, so perfect for a family or group of friends.

If you are a couple wanting to explore Australia, you could consider the above or these other 4WD campers for hire:

4WD campervan hire off roading

4WD Camper

  • We have 4WD Campers which have a fiberglass hi top.  These are perfect for getting off the beaten track, but not suitable for heavy 4WD tracks
  • Another option which is a good use of space, is the 4WD Camper with a pop top.  In a matter of seconds you’ll have the roof popped to give standing room inside, complete with fly screens for good ventilation
  • We have the 4WD Troopie for hire with the roof tent, available for two people travelling (more storage in the rear of the vehicle) which is a popular choice with some
  • If you are planning on really exploring many 4WD tracks in outback Australia, we even have a 4WD campervan hire that will suit you


4WD Campers do not have a toilet built into the vehicle.  For some who like to freedom camp, you may like to consider our portable camping toilet, (dry toilet) which is part of our Galli Ensuite.  This adds extra comfort and the ability to stay and some stunning out of the way locations which do not have toilet/shower facilities provided.  Speak to us for more information.

Where do you want to go?

Some thought also needs to be given as to where you would like to explore.  There are many popular 4WD tracks that really get into the outback or wilderness of Australia, however some of these become impassable in certain weather conditions.  Because of this, some of these tracks are restricted at certain times of the year, or they may even be prohibited for some 4WD vehicles.

The best idea if you want to explore these types of tracks is to speak with us, so we can recommend and organise for you the right 4WD campervan hire or 4WD camper for your adventure.  If you are after a 2WD camper that can go on unsealed roads, we do have a couple of options available, and will have happy to provide quotes and information for you.

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