Adelaide to Darwin fuel costs

November 15, 2018

Are you wondering how much it will cost for fuel to travel from Adelaide to Darwin or vice versa?

We can give you an estimate on what you’d need to budget for the Adelaide to Darwin fuel costs, althought there are a few factors consider.  Have a look at our top tips to help plan your motorhome trip.

You’ll need the driving distance


  • To take your motorhome from Adelaide to Darwin, you could do as little as 3,050 km if you don’t detour at all from the Stuart Highway. It is more likely though, that you will probably explore at least a couple of side roads; the most notable being out to Uluru and Kings Canyon. So, it is not uncommon to do closer to 5,050 km by the time you explore Kakadu National Park near Darwin and deviate to areas like Uluru, Kings Canyon and the MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs.

You’ll need the average fuel economy of your motorhome

  • Here, at Gallivanting Oz we can advise of the approx fuel economy on request for your preferred camper. This of course, can differ depending on how you drive, the road conditions and weather conditions.  Head winds or driving a little faster will affect fuel economy, for example.
  • To give you an idea of average fuel economy (please ask for your specific motorhome choice)
    • most of our two berth with toilet and shower (7m van style) run at around 10 – 12 L per 100 km
    • the larger 4 – 6 berth motorhomes are generally running around the 14 – 16 per 100 km

Average diesel price

  • We’ve provided estimations based on diesel, given that most of the motorhomes we hire, run on diesel. The smaller HiTop campers (no toilet/shower) tend to run on unleaded fuel.
  • The average price for diesel per litre fluctuates a fair amount in Australia. At the current time, the cost per litre for diesel in Adelaide is around the AU$1.55 mark, however north of here, the cost becomes greater.  The cost to purchase diesel in more remote areas is higher due to the cost to transport etc, plus general market conditions can cause fluctuation.  It is not uncommon in more remote areas to see the cost around AU$1.80 per litre, and occasionally around AU$2.  Depending where you fill up of course will affect the total cost for your holiday.
  • Budgeting approx. AU$1.85 per litre on average for this route, would give you a pretty good idea of costs for the route from Adelaide to Darwin.

Approx fuel cost Adelaide to Darwin

Traveling in the Outback

  • Using averages, the cost of fuel if you were travelling in a two-berth motorhome with a toilet and shower, would cost on average from around AU$850 – AU$1,200 approx, depending on the distance travelled.
  • Using averages, the cost of fuel if you were travelling in one of our larger four or six berth motorhome with a toilet and shower, would cost on average from around AU$1,100 – AU$1,500 approx depending on the distance travelled.

Please note this is just a guide to help you budget the fuel costs from Adelaide to Darwin.  As fuel pricing does change a fair amount across Australia this will also affect your budget.  Fingers crossed there is a downward trend!

For more details on this route check out our Travel Route page where you’ll find lots of information on the most popular routes around Australia. When you where you want to head to, check out our vehicle options and then drop us a note to get an idea on costs. We’ll look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan your journey!

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