Travelling on a Budget? - Hire a camper van

November 12, 2010

Just because you are on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t explore what Australia has to offer.  Many people, just like you hire a camper van and have an amazing time.

Some people wonder if there are only small vehicles available when they hire a camper van in Australia.

This is not the case at all, they vary do vary from smaller vehicles all the way up to a 6 berth camper van available for hire with an on board toilet and shower.

We have older camper vans available for hire, which are perfect for those travelling on a budget.

Hire a camper van

Hire a camper van

Here at Gallivanting Oz we use a number of suppliers to ensure we can find the right vehicle for your needs – and you don’t pay an extra cent for dealing with us, but of course you benefit from our service.  Let us know you are travelling on a budget, and we’ll come up with some great camper vans for you to hire.

The older vehicles are only an average age of 2 – 5 years, and come complete, just like our newer vehicles, with 24 hour roadside assistance.  If you don’t mind the vehicle being a little older, then this could be a great option for you.

The camper van that you hire comes complete with an on board kitchen including crockery etc, which means you’ll save even more money on your adventure as you can cook your own meals.  A great way to save a few more dollars is to purchase local produce when it is in season.  As you drive along the road in your camper van, you’ll see road side stalls packed with delicious fruit and veges from the local farmers in many locations.  You’ll know that it is fresh and of course you’ll be supporting the local community as well.

Another great bonus if you hire a camper van is that your bed is with you all the time.  No big panic near the end of the day to find a low cost motel, it’s simply a matter of pulling into one of the thousands of campgrounds throughout Australia.

Hire a camper van with an on board toilet and shower so you can freedom camp.

Freedom camping, simply means staying in free or low cost camping grounds throughout Australia.  There are about 3000 of these places which have limited or no facilities that you can park for the night.  Hire a camper van with facilities and you will be able to make the most of these locations and save a few more dollars.

Gallivanting Oz is available to assist with your campervan holiday plans and camper hire.  We even offer packaged holidays, which include popular attractions, maps and freedom camp guide which ensure your holiday savings will stretch even further! So get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get the best out of your holiday in Australia.

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