Australia Bushfires 2019/2020

January 13, 2020

Like all Australians, our thoughts are with the fire-affected communities across Australia and our hearts go out to the families and communities who are impacted by the bushfires.

motorhome hire australiaWhile it is a difficult time, there are many popular Australian travel routes that have been fortunate to remain largely unaffected by the current bushfires. We’re operating as usual and by visiting regional areas of Australia this year, your support means the world to local operators, who continue to offer our clients incredible tourism experiences.

We are so grateful for the many clients who have already booked their 2020 motorhome holidays to explore various corners of Australia they have been inspired to visit. Australia remains to be a curious country, full of hidden gems and wonderful people, just waiting to be discovered and supported.

australian motorhome hire

Our escorted motorhome tours continue to support many regional communities throughout Australia that rely on travellers such as you – we’re so proud of the feedback we receive from our clients and how they tell us they would have never seen and done so many amazing things if they had travelled on their own.

It has been incredible to witness people in Australia and around the world extending the hand of mateship to those impacted in the regions and we encourage everyone to continue to show support.   A great way to do this, is to plan a visit to regional Australia or you may like to donate to one of the registered appeals. If you’d like more details on one of the best charities that assist the recovery to affected communities and wildlife organisations or support the local fire fighters, please ask.

australia beach blue waters sand motorhome hireThere has been a lot of media surrounding the quickly changing events and can be difficult to understand the areas that are affected.  Tourism Australia have this resource which is useful and links to the official state RFS site for up to date information:

Australia Travel AlertsAll international airports in Australia are operating as normal.

Please ask us if you’d like any more details regarding the unprecedented bushfire situation or if you’d like more information on how you can motorhome travel in Australia in 2020.

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