Camper Hire Tasmania - your self drive holiday

October 15, 2013

Grab yourself  cuppa, get yourself comfortable and enjoy our video on how to make the most out of your camper holiday in Tasmania.

We’ll share with you

  • The best time to visit Tasmania in your camper
  • Suggest the best length of time for your motorhome holiday in Tassie
  • Explain where you pick you your campervan
  • Provide tips on saving money while you’re on your self-drive holiday
  • Give information on overnight camping options while travelling in Tasmania
  • Share some of our favourite highlights with you to assist you with your own holiday planning

We’re often asked for more information on many popular travel routes in Australia, and Tasmania is at the top of many of our client’s list.  It is a beautiful and diverse area to travel. The typical landscape is a mixture of lakes, mountains and beaches interspersed with charming villages.  The locals are friendly and there is so much local produce to enjoy too, whether it be the local wines, seafood, cheeses or market gardens. Sampling these will be another highlight on your Tasmanian campervan holiday.

Beautiful freedom camping in Tasmania when travelling in a self contained campervan

Beautiful freedom camping in Tasmania when travelling in a self contained campervan

Tasmania is one of our favourite touring routes because it does offer such a varied holiday experience, including many beautiful walks.  It is perfect for camper travel as the distances between the destinations are not large and the scenery is stunning as you will see in the video.  There is a great mixture of full facility campgrounds and many freedom camping opportunities along the way.

If you’d like an idea of rates and vehicle options for your camper holiday in Tasmania, please fill in our quote form, email us or give us a call.  You’ll enjoy our service, and please also let us know if you are flexible with your travel dates as we can help you to work out the cheapest time for your camper hire and fit in with your holiday plans in Tasmania.


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