Camper Rental Australia - packing for your holiday

May 22, 2013

When travelling in a camper rental in Australia, depending on the size of the vehicle you have hired, it usually is best to bring your luggage in soft bags (the sports bag style) as these are easier to store while you are travelling.

If you are travelling one of our larger six berth motorhomes you’ll find several of these have an external locker, so do have room for a suitcase if that is easier for you.

Camper Rental Australia

Camper Rental Australia


Most of our depots also will store a suitcase for you, if you are picking up and returning your camper rental Australia to the same location.    The campers have cupboards inside where you can empty out your clothing and then you can leave the suitcase behind, which saves carrying around the empty bulky item.

Our clients are always sharing tips with us, and one lovely client has let us know whenever they fly into Australia for their camper rental holiday, they pack their clothing in mesh bags – so all the underwear for example stays together and is kept tidy in the cupboards while you are travelling.  You can pick up these mesh bags fairly cheaply at a variety of different stores and they don’t add much weight at all to your luggage.  When I travel, I also use one of these for the washing so when I find an opportunity to do this while on the road it’s easy to find.

Most of our campers also come complete with a clothesline and pegs which is handy.  You’ll also find most commercial campgrounds have a coin operated laundry with dryers and most also have outside clotheslines too.  Most have the option of also purchasing a single use supply of washing powder, or you may like to pick up a small container from the supermarket if you are travelling for a period of time.

We look forward to speaking to you further if you are interested to campervan Australia – fill in our easy to use form for campervan hire to get information on costs for your specific travel dates, or you are welcome to send us an email or give us a phone call.

Camper Rental Australia

Camper Rental Australia


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