Camper Van Hire – what about a double 12 volt adaptor

January 9, 2012

For your next camper van hire in Australia, consider bringing or purchasing a double 12V adaptor to make your life a little easier on the road.  For those not familiar with what we mean, there is a plug that you can put in your 12 volt socket (cigarette lighter), which gives you two sockets.

Camper Van Hire - 12V double adaptor

Camper Van Hire – 12V double adaptor

Having two sockets available in your camper van hire, will provide much more flexibility.  If you are bringing your own GPS car navigation unit, or hiring one, you’ll need a 12 volt plug available.  These days people are also wanting to charge their phones, cameras and the like, which means having an extra plug available can take away the stress of having to keep switching plugs.  You can even get a triple adaptor if you prefer.  The cost of a double adapter varies, but generally you can pick one up from about AU$6 in auto supply stores.

While most camper van hire in Australia will have 240 volt plugs in the main living area, which can be used to charge appliances, this will not work unless you are plugged into 240 volts in a camping ground for example.  For those of you that are interested in freedom camping (free or low cost camping which is often unpowered but can be in stunning locations) you may find the need to charge appliances through the 12 volt system if you have the necessary connections to do so.

For those that are planning on freedom camping with your camper van hire, you may also consider purchasing an inverter.  This means you can plug in your phone/camera for example into the inverter (240 volt plug), and the inverter then plugs into the 12 volt system.  These inverters come in a range of ‘watts’, so seek advice as to the correct wattage for your intended use – for example you’ll need a higher wattage inverter to charge your laptop than your phone.  This is a great option to charge your appliances while you are driving.

Camper Van Hire - 12V double adaptor

Camper Van Hire – 12V double adaptor

For families, we also have a Motorhome which provides a DVD player in the rear seats (dual cab), for extra entertainment while travelling.  While many children do enjoy watching where they are going in a camper van hire, sometimes it can be good to have this option as a treat.  This DVD player does plug into the 12 volt system, so you may find a double adaptor is handy with this style of vehicle if you also want to charge appliances and use a GPS car navigation unit.

With a little planning you can make life easy on the road in your camper hire and still enjoy all the benefits of modern travel, while relaxing in beautiful natural surroundings!

We look forward to speaking to you further if you are interested in hiring a campervan for your holiday in Australia. Get in touch with us through our easy to use quote form or send us an email on [email protected] or give us a phone call. We look forward to speaking with you.


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