Vacuum Packing Meat with Campers you Hire

December 11, 2012

Many of our clients enjoy travelling into more remote areas in campers they hire.

Depending where you travel, there are many butchers in outback areas, however in some areas in Australia, it is a good idea to buy at least a couple of days’ worth of food in advance.  Some of our clients while travelling in campers they hire prefer to buy up a few days’ worth of meat in advance.  In some of the campers hire the freezer can be a little on the small size, particularly when trying to store a few days’ worth of meat.

Campers Hire

Campers Hire

A way around this when travelling in campers you hire, is to have the Butcher vacuum pack your meat.  Many butchers offer this service, sometimes at a small extra cost.  They will vacuum pack the meat into ‘meal lots’ for you, which can be stored in the fridge for a couple of weeks or even longer.  The butcher will give you advice on this, as it does depend on what type of meat is being vacuum packed as to how long it will last.

This is great news when travelling in campers that you hire, particularly if you are heading off the beaten path a little, or taking your time between destinations.  You’ll  still enjoy nice fresh meat in some stunning locations.

We also recommend supporting local stores where possible while you are travelling in campers that you hire to support the local economy.

We look forward to speaking to you further if you are interested to campervan Australia – fill in our easy to use quote form for campervan hire to get information on costs for your specific travel dates, or you are welcome to send us an email or give us a phone call.

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