Where to go with your Campervan Hire from Adelaide

September 27, 2019

If you are looking at campervan hire Adelaide then you have 3 iconic Australian routes that all start in Adelaide – you’re spoilt for choice!

With a campervan hire from Adelaide you can decide to head west, north or east, it’ll all depend on what type of holiday you want and how many days you have to explore your adventure! 

In this blog, if you are picking up your campervan hire from Adelaide we are going to take you on a journey across the Nullarbor . That is heading westwards towards Perth, or you could go the opposite direction. We suggest a minimum of 14 days to really absorb and enjoy this stretch but you’ll need longer if you want to have time to further explore the south-western corner of WA too!

Find loads of great campervan hire options that are available to pick up or return to Adelaide.

Check out our video below to see some of the highlights of this journey, so grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy.

One of the world’s greatest road trips, an Aussie iconic driving experience across the remote coastal areas of WA and SA and the Nullarbor plain, you won’t be disappointed driving between Adelaide and Perth with fabulous scenery and contrasting landscapes.

While crossing the Nullarbor Plain is a bucket list item for many, some may be surprised to see there is far more than a ‘treeless’ plain to this popular trip. On the Adelaide side of the crossing, you’ve got the beautiful Eyre Peninsula to explore, brimming with fresh seafood, friendly locals and idyllic beaches. In fact, this can be a popular area to explore if you are planning a shorter campervan hire from Adelaide.

There’s also a great opportunity for spotting wildlife, including the Southern Right Whales when travelling June – November from the Bunda Cliffs as you head towards the Nullarbor. In fact, in the South Australia section of this drive, you’ll find that the highway is pretty close to the coast the entire way. You will find there is the opportunity to take a variety of short drives off the highway to give you the opportunity to peer into the Great Australian Bight.  One popular area is known as the Head of the Australian Bight. If you arrive there in whale season, you do need to pay a small fee to enter, however you will be able to walk out on a board walk hanging over the giant Bunda Cliffs giving you a greater chance to marvel at this spectacular scenery. It is easy to spend some time here, especially when the Southern Right Whales are playing below – perhaps on the quest for that perfect photograph!

After crossing the border into Western Australia, you’ll drive Australia’s longest straight road, and you’ll find the scenery is continually changing as you head towards Norseman, passing the world’s longest golf course, the Nullarbor Links. Please note that when crossing the border from South Australia to Western Australia there are restrictions on taking in fresh produce and honey.  Please take the time to check the restrictions before you head off to avoid disappointment with fruit/vegetable disposal.

campervan hire blue aqua sea white sandy beach blue sky esperance ocean drive

Esperance Ocean Drive

Norseman represents the end of the crossing (or beginning) and is where you can make a decision to head out to the spectacular WA coastline, or continue your journey via Kalgoorlie, through the Golden Outback. Travelling south would be more popular, time permitting, with the turquoise waters framed with white beaches.  Some travellers do head north to Kalgoorlie to see the giant Super Pit Gold Mine before back tracking back down to Esperance with the giant red granite rocks and crystal blue waters.

As to which direction to cross the Nullarbor will depend on a few things, such as if you have any other commitments at either end or how long you have to travel. Some certainly say it is better to go with campervan hire from Perth to Adelaide, rather than campervan hire from Adelaide to Perth direction because of the winds and sun in your eyes.  The winds can certainly have an impact when travelling on the Nullarbor but do tend to blow different directions and then sun in your eyes will depend how late in the day you are travelling.  The reason you may like to go with a campervan hire from Adelaide to Perth is if you are a little tight on timing but want to try and see how much of the southern WA coastline you can see. By starting in Adelaide, you may not feel so rushed as you have done most of the travelling by the time you get to the WA coastline, so could end up with an extra day or two here.

Whether you are looking for campervan hire from Adelaide or another part of Australia, if you know your dates, get in touch and we can match you to your perfect campervan. You will appreciate our friendly service as we match the best vehicle to your needs and budget, as well as providing you with many helpful hints to ensure you make many happy memories on your campervan road trip from Adelaide.

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