4 Berth Motorhome Hire in Australia

August 11, 2010

When researching your options for 4 berth motorhome hire, you will discover the pricing does vary.  There is quite a range of choice for four people travelling together.

Some of the options available are:

  • It is possible to hire a 4 Berth Campervan which does not have a built in toilet/shower.  This is usually in a hi-top Van, which means you can stand up inside.  There will be a built in kitchen, and two double beds – one up above the cab, and the other usually at the rear of the van.  A great option if you are travelling on a budget, and plan on staying in camping grounds, or you might like to hire a portable dry toilet and shower from us.
  • Rent a 4 berth motorhome where there is a built in toilet/shower as well as kitchen.  Again there are usually two double beds – one above the cab which remains permanently made up, and the other is usually at the rear of the vehicle and is usually a couch seating area during the day.
4 berth motorhome hire Australia

4 berth motorhome hire Australia

  • If you are after more space in a 4berth motorhome hire, consider speaking to us about an option which is the same size of a six berth campervan, but only sleeps four.  This is a better option for most people, than hiring a 6 berth campervan for only 4 people.  One of the options we have available in this model even has an electric lift for the rear bed.  It is simply a matter of pushing a button to make up the second bed when you are ready to retire for the evening.  This 4 berth motorhome, also makes the most of available storage areas, by offering a large area at the rear of the vehicle that would be big enough to store suitcases.  Seasoned Campervan and Motorhome travellers know usually soft bags are best when travelling in a campervan as they are easier to store – but that does not matter in this large 4 berth motorhome available to hire with us in Australia.  Click here for more information on Campervan and Motorhome Hire in Australia.

As you can see, it can be quite overwhelming choosing the right 4 berth motorhome to hire when travelling in Australia.  Contact us to benefit from our experience as we assist in matching the right campervan for your needs.


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