Campervan Rental – Your Water Tank

February 7, 2013

When travelling in your campervan rental, you will have a water tank, which come in a variety of sizes.  This can be filled easily at a variety of locations, however if you are choosing to freedom camp, or away from places to fill your water tank, it is important to think about conserving water so you don’t run out.

Campervan Rental

Campervan Rental

One easy way to conserve water in your campervan rental is when you are wanting hot water, run the first part (which is cold water), into the kettle or a bottle rather than letting it run down the sink.Another way is to put the plug in when washing fruit and vegetables, rather than under a running tap.To fill the water tank in your campervan rental you will be supplied with a hose, which makes the job very easy.  You’ll find at most campgrounds, particularly if you are staying in a powered site will have a water tap near you site so you can fill up the tank.  It is a good idea to make the most of these opportunities and top the tank up, even if it is not empty.  This gives you extra flexibility if you decide to freedom camp that night.

Your toilet in the campervan rental has a separate reservoir for flushing the toilet, which is in the cabinet with the toilet canister.  Remember to top this up, when you empty your toilet or are filling up your main water tank also.

If you are travelling with the Camps Australia Wide Guide in your campervan rental, this also advises which of the free or low cost camps have water, to assist your planning.

Some fuel stations also have a water tap that allow you to fill up your water tank if you are also filling up your campervan rental with fuel.

In some areas of Australia, the water can taste a bit different or there could be a ‘plastic’ taste to the water from the pipes.  What some travellers do in their campervan rental is to ‘taste’ the water, prior to filling your water tank.  If there is an unpleasant taste you may decide to hold off filling up the tank in the campervan rental.  If the water is not fit for drinking for whatever reason, this is signposted in Australia.  For example in some National Parks water may be provided, but will need to be boiled prior to drinking.

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Campervan Rental

Campervan Rental

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