Campervan Rentals and Freedom Camps

June 3, 2011

The answer is ‘yes’, there are plenty of freedom camps all over Australia.  There are literally thousands of these that welcome people exploring Australia in a Motorhome or Camper, including Campervan rentals.

Freedom camping simply means you are staying in a free or low cost camping location, away from the usual ‘commercial campgrounds’. They can be in idyllic locations like beside a river, sea or nestled in the bush or could simply be roadside rest areas.

Campervan Rentals and Freedom Camping

Campervan Rentals and Freedom Camping

If you are planning to use this style of camping, it is best to consider campervan rentals which are self-contained.  This means it has its own water supply and holding tank, cooking facilities and toilet/shower for your convenience.  While some of these areas do supply a toilet, there is a lot more flexibility by being self-contained and of course being able to camp further away from the facilities while still enjoying the comforts of such.

We find there is nothing better than stumbling upon a beautiful location to spend the night while on the road in our campervan.  Away from the cities, we really enjoy freedom camping.  Some are simple road side rest areas to break up a long drive, but several are in picturesque locations and allow campfires.  These are also referred to as bush camps in Australia.

Campervan Rentals and relaxing at'happy hour'

Campervan Rentals and relaxing at ‘happy hour’

After a day of exploring, a great way to relax is to sit down in your camp chair around a fire and enjoy a drink, sharing tales of what we’ve seen.  With campervan rentals you can include camp chairs as part of your package, or you can purchase them if you prefer.  Either way, having them is perfect, as provides a second ‘living are’ outside of the vehicle.

There’s an excellent book called ‘Camps Australia Wide’.  This details thousands of freedom camping locations throughout Australia, which is excellent when planning your trip.  The guide lets you know what facilities are available and how many kilometres from the nearest towns. If you would  like to get your hands on the Camps Australia Wide Guide you can find them at book stores, camping stores or some information centers while on the road. Gallivanting Oz clients can grab a copy for just AU$65 including postage to Australia or New Zealand. For other countries, we can arrange for it to be waiting for you when you collect your vehicle at the depot.

For those that prefer an online version, this is possible through Camps Australia Wide Guides too, which saves the weight of carrying the book.

There is also another popular app for those who don’t need a physical map book in front of them called Wiki Camps. The app, which is purchased for a small fee, also has reviews from other travellers which ensure the information is kept current with any changes due to the season or access to roads.

Are freedom camps safe?

Yes, we’ve found these to be just as safe as commercial campgrounds. Occasionally you might have a noisy neighbour, but that is no different to a commercial campground. The great thing about freedom camping is that you can pick the ‘spot’ of your choosing.  The guide we spoke about above, not only shows these camps on a map, but also details how many kilometres etc from nearby towns, so you’ll easily be able to work out how far it is to the next spot, if for some reason you want to find another spot to stay.

Ancillary Battery

For those that don’t know, campervans and motorhomes have an ancillary battery which allows you to enjoy comforts without worrying you may not be able to start your vehicle in the morning.  The ancillary battery is also known as the house battery and runs the cabin lights, fridge, the water pump and in some vehicles the TV/DVD.  This battery is charged while you are driving and also when you camp in a commercial campground and plug into 240 volts.  Some campervans and motorhomes also have solar panels which charges the battery.  Please ask us if you’d like more information regarding what appliances are run off the ancillary battery for your preferred campervan rental as all are a little different.

If you are planning on doing a lot of freedom camping, then consider purchasing an inverter which plugs into your cigarette lighter (12V) while driving.  This allows you to charge items like cameras etc without the need to plug into 240 volts.  Inverters come in a range of watts, so speak to a specialist to ensure you purchase the right inverter for your needs.

We’re happy to speak to you further if you’d like more information regarding freedom camping and campervan rentals.

We can provide you with all the information you need, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either through our contact page or through our easy to use quote form. We look forward to speaking with you.


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