Camping around Australia - where can you camp overnight?

April 9, 2017

Are you looking to explore Australia and experience some of the amazing, well known attractions and some of the not so well known hidden treasures that this country offers?

Freedom camping scenicThen you might be looking up where you can go camping in Australia!

To begin with, it is worth noting that there are quite a few guide books available, and if you’ve seen just how many books are available, you may find this blog helpful in helping you select the right one.

In our years of experience of traveling this expansive country, we have narrowed it down to one book that we use and reference daily.

The Camps Australian Wide Guide is generally sought after as the market leader in the ‘the best camps guide’ on the market and comes complete with Hema maps.Camps Australia Wide Guide 9

Each year the writers continue to explore Australia, researching, visiting and documenting new locations across the country while talking to travellers along the way. In doing so, they manage to seek out the best places to camp and pass this information on in the Camps Australian Wide Guide.

We love this book and use it daily when we are working with our customers to answer questions about their journey and camper hire. It is also a book we use when we get out to explore this magnificent country. You could check out our travel routes and then plan where you want to stay once you’ve got the book!

Camps Australia Wide products include:

  • ‘Camps Australia Wide Guide’ – a printed and spiral bound book providing a comprehensive guide to free and low cost camping as well as unique outback and remote camp sites
  • ‘Caravan Parks Australia Wide’ – a printed and spiral bound book providing a full colour guide to caravan/tourist parks
  • ‘Camps Australia App’ – an ultimate guide for exploring Australia and has the ease of being available on your phone

In addition to the Camps Australia Wide Guide, there is also WikiCamps.

Freedom Camping by lakeIf you haven’t already heard of this app, with WikiCamps you will find it very useful if you download it in on an iPad or tablet that you’re taking with you. It shows you the location of campgrounds, caravan parks, day use areas, points of interest and public dump point, plus the all-important reviews from other travellers so you can work out what the facilities are like at that specific camp (i.e. clean/dirty), which will help you make the decision as to the best place for you to stop overnight.

We also use the WikiCamps app daily and find, on the road, a combination of the Camps Australia Wide Guide and WikiCamps app work best for us as we still like to use ‘proper’ maps to get the ‘bigger picture’.

The WikiCamps app, which costs around AU$8, can be set to work offline while you’re on the road and is a great investment. For those of you who prefer good old fashioned paper and books and wish to freedom camp, then the ‘Camps Australia Wide Guide’ is also a worthwhile purchase.

If you are planning a campervan holiday to Australia and would like to find out more on campervan hire, planning your trip and other advice, then get in touch as we’d love to chat with you!

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