Charging appliances on the road with a Campervan Hire or Motorhome Hire

July 17, 2010

Consider purchasing an inverter when you hire a campervan or motorhome.  This is particularly useful if you are planning on freedom camping or not staying in powered sites every night.  An inverter is a device which plugs into a 12V ‘cigarette lighter’ in your vehicle and provides 240 volts.  Inverters vary in power (level of watt output) and you will need to consider the number and types of appliances that you will be plugging into it to determine how powerful an inverter you require.

  • As a rough guide, a 150 watt inverter could charge camera batteries, mobile phones, shavers or laptops (as long as it wasn’t turned on)

If you are travelling for a period of time and plan on staying in freedom camps this is an excellent way to keep your devices charged and ready for use.  These can be purchased from some retail stores like SuperCheap Auto or even online at eBay for example.  If you are travelling from NZ to Australia, the same inverter will work in either country.

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