Collecting Firewood in your Campervan or Motorhome

July 28, 2010

When you campervan in Australia, there are many locations which allow a camp fire in the evening.  Often as you pull into a freedom camp and some commercial camps in your hired campervan you will see designated fireplaces, or a ring of stones.   Camp fires provide great atmosphere for relaxing in the evening, and of course a perfect place to roast jacket spuds.

Collecting firewood can be easily completed during your day’s drive.  If you see dead branches near the side of the road in other areas it is generally ok to collect.  You cannot collect wood from any National Parks, nor should you enter private property to collect fire wood.

Most people carry a bow saw and an axe to easily collect firewood in manageable sized pieces.  A bow saw very easily slices through branches with minimal effort and can be purchased in hardware stores, and some camping stores.   To protect your campervan hire or motorhome hire put your wood in a large hessian sack which can easily be obtained from a fruit and vege store.

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