Local produce and crossing borders

July 9, 2010

A great way to save money while travelling in the campervan or motorhome you rent, is to buy local produce for your meals.  Once away from the main cities you will often find road side stalls offering whatever is in season.  This might be a great opportunity to try something new as well as supporting local farmers.

To prevent the spread of disease, pests and weeds, there are restrictions carrying some items across state and territory borders – for example from Northern Territory to Western Australia.  There are also some restrictions within states.  Be mindful of this with bulk purchases of items when travelling interstate to avoid waste.

The most common restriction for campervan travellers will be fruit, vegetables and nuts.  There will be signs stating what is and is not allowed.  Fines for non-compliance may be as high at $100,000 and both random and permanent roadblocks operate in these areas.

For further information for your intended route find out more about domestic quarantine here.


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