Daintree River - Snakes, Frogs and the Butcher Bird

July 3, 2010

Recently, on our last campervan adventure we joined Bruce’s Daintree River Cruises and this was definitely an experience to remember.  The cruise was for an hour, with our sole goal of spotting a croc.  We were not disappointed, but today I want to share another unexpected delight.

green tree snake, attacks tree frog while butcher bird tries to steal the kill

green tree snake, attacks tree frog while butcher bird tries to steal the kill

Picture this…we’re cruising along in the boat, in a side arm to the Daintree River, after just seeing our third croc.  We’re all back in our seats, when we hear lots of screeches.  Quick as  flash, Bruce turns the boat around and takes us to the other bank.  A snake’s got a frog, he tells us.  There’s another almighty but different shreech this time.  A butcher bird is now trying to steal the frog from the green tree snake.  What a commotion!  We’re right amongst it.  Bruce spots the snake first, and we’re all rattling of a few photos.  The large frog is hanging out of the snakes mouth, and it is still live.  It’s trying to get away from the snake and the bird.  The snake keeps sliding through the branches.  How it doesn’ fall, I don’t know.  It’s retreating onto the banks of the river, deeper inside the mangroves.  This is the only chance the snake will have to keep it’s lunch.  We can see perfectly, and manage to rattle off a few more shots.  We don’t hear the butcher bird anymore – I guess the big white boat has scared it away.  It’s not long and the frog is dead, the snake slides away with it’s tucker.  The whole show only lasts a minute, but seems much longer in the moment.

What a treat nature provides to the interested spectator.  If you’d like to know more about cruises on the Daintree River, let us know.  We can package this tour with your camper hire  which will save you money.


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