Travelling with your friends in two campervans or motorhomes

July 11, 2010

You may decide to explore parts of Australia with friends, where you each hire a campervan or motorhome.  Excellent idea!! – you each have your own space but enjoy the company of each other in the evenings and at lunch stops.  A great way to keep in contact while travelling is to consider buying a couple of hand held UHF radios.  They vary in watt output which affects their range, and are priced accordingly.  By having these on board, it’s easy to point out wildlife that has been spotted, communicate a change of plan, find each other in a town and perhaps even keep each other entertained on longer drives.

If you are a family, or a couple of friends travelling together you may even consider hiring a 4 Berth Motorhome.  For those who don’t have ‘mates’ that are able to travel with you on your next adventure, consider one of our motorhome tours.  It won’t be long before you’ll be calling the fellow travellers your mates, and what a great time you’ll have!

campervan holiday with your mates

campervan holiday with your mates

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