Internet Options when travelling in your Campervan or Motorhome

July 15, 2010

Most cities and regional towns have internet cafes, a lot of parks have FREE Wi-Fi, and some art galleries provide FREE Wi-Fi.  Consider setting up an email account like ‘Hotmail’ or ‘yahoo’ for family and friends to email you, which can be accessed anywhere.

If you own a lap top, consider bringing this on your journey.  Most McDonald’s and some libraries have free wireless internet access.  You’ll notice a sign at other cafes that also offer this service.  The other benefit of bringing your lap top is the ability to download your photographs as you travel.  If you have some time in the evenings, it’s a good opportunity to label the pictures, so one less job to do when you return.  Ensure you back up your computer prior to travelling.

  • Pay as you go wireless router is another way to access the internet from your personal lap top.  Similar to a sim card for a mobile phone, these can be purchased as pay as you go or on contract.  All major phone companies offer this with varying rates.  Currently Telstra has the best coverage.


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