Min Min Lights

July 2, 2010

What are the min min lights?
Well, its an interesting question…and we’re not sure that anyone REALLY knows.  There’s an excellent attraction in Boulia which depicts the different theories as to what causes the Min Min lights.  Ask some of the locals to get their take and you might be surprised by their answers.  It is a strange spectral light that can appear, hover, disappear and reappear with an eerie will of its own.

Most often it has been described as a hovering luminescent ball and has teased travellers, road train drivers and locals for years.  It never approaches close enough to be clearly examined and scientists are babble to explain this phenomenon.

If you are travelling through Boulia in your campervan, pop into the Min Min Encounter display.  It costs around AU $15, but we thought was worth it.  You walk through a number of displays which come to life, telling the story behind the different theories.  This also gives you the opportunity to see what they are really like.

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