Motorhome hire and your luggage

May 15, 2012

So you’ve arranged your motor home hire in Australia and now your departure date is getting close.  It’s time to think about your luggage.  While it sounds simple enough, sometimes a few simple tips can make your life a little easier and more comfortable on the road.

Motor Home Hire

Motor Home Hire

Of course this is all going to depend on the size of your motor home hire, and how many people travelling.  If there are only two of you in one of our larger six berth motorhomes, you’ll find there is plenty of space for storage, as well as storing your empty suitcases after you’ve put all your clothes away in your new home.

If you’re travelling in a smaller motor home hire, like a two berth with a toilet and shower, you may like to consider bringing your luggage in soft bags.  This means you can easily pop your clothes away in the provided cupboards and fold down your bag for storage under the seats.  Generally a regular size suitcase will not fit under the seats in these vehicles.

If you are picking up and returning to the same depot/city, then it is usually possible to leave your empty suitcases at the depot, and pick up on your return.  Space is limited at some depots, so if you are can put a suitcase inside another one once empty, that will assist.

Our larger six berth and some of the four berth motor home hire have a large storage locker at the rear of the vehicle that can be accessed from inside and outside the vehicle which are useful for storing bulky items like suitcases and camping chairs.

To save a little more space when packing, most of our motor home hire come with clothes pegs and a clothes line, so there is no need to bring your own – save a little more space.

We look forward to speaking to you further if you are interested in a Motorhome Adventure in Australia – get in touch with our easy to use quote form for information on costs for your specific travel dates.


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