Motorhome Hire in Australia and Travelling with Children

February 28, 2011

We are often asked if motorhome hire in Australia are suitable for families with young children.  Our answer is yes, this is a great way to have an adventure with your family, but take the time to hire a motorhome that is best suited to your family’s needs.  The perfect motorhome hire will ensure your family can get out and really enjoy what Australia has to offer.  It’s easy to camp without roughing it.

Motorhome Hire Australia

Motorhome Hire Australia

Like many families, you’ll find a motorhome hire is an excellent way to introduce your children to the outdoors and exploring Australia.  Hiring a motorhome gives you the flexibility of exploring different corners of Australia easily.  It also saves the storage of a caravan or motorhome for the remainder of the year when you are unable to get away because of busy family life – or the financial commitment of owning such a luxury item!  Have a  chat to us about the costs of campervan hire or motorhome rental for your specific travel dates.

Most families will prefer to hire a motorhome with an on board toilet and shower for added comfort and convenience.  Generally families hire a 4, 5 or 6 berth motorhome.  The number of berths indicates how many passenger can be seated and how many can sleep in the motorhome.

Motorhome Hire Australia

Motorhome Hire Australia

  • Even though babies may not require much sleeping space, they will still need a seat and anchor point for their baby seat, so ensure your motorhome is large enough.

When we speak with you, we’ll ask about your children’s ages to ensure the vehicle we recommend has enough anchor points for any child or baby seats that are required.  Child and baby seats are available with your motorhome hire in Australia, and is often easier the seats than bring your own.  We can also put together some great packages which bundle up extras including the cost of child seats which can really save you some money.

Not only does the number of people travelling dictate the best motorhome, but also your need for ‘space’.  Some of our four berth motorhomes are in the size of a six berth motorhome which are a good option for those that appreciate a little extra space.

Motorhome Hire Australia

We even have a special six berth motorhome which is perfect for a family travelling together.  The children sit just behind the front seats in the driving ‘cab’.  The benefit of this motorhome is that the baby and child seats do not need to be moved each evening to make up the bed.  The seats can be quite bulky so saves juggling things around each evening when it is time to put the children to bed.

The awning available with most motorhomes, and camping table and chairs will be beneficial if you are trying to get younger children to sleep before the older ones.  The outdoor area gives you in effect another living area and a little more space when living and sleeping in the same area.

Having an on board kitchen is also a great way to save money while on the road.  Meals can easily be made and continue to be as healthy as or no more expensive than when you are at home.  Our specifications for the vehicles tell you important details like how many burners your stove has, whether your motorhome has a grill and the size of the refrigerator to assist your trip planning.

Along your travels, depending where you are exploring, you’ll usually find plenty of rest areas to pull over.  Not only a great opportunity for a coffee break but will also give the children the opportunity to have a run around.  Some of the motorhomes also have a DVD player which is operational while the vehicle is moving to keep children entertained also.

If you are interested in finding out more information on campervan hire or perhaps a motorhome tour, contact us – we’d love to speak with you.

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