Going on a motorhome holiday in Australia?

March 9, 2017

There are so many reasons why we are so passionate about motorhome holidays in Australia.

Going on a motorhome holiday in Australia is a totally different experience to staying in motels or packaged holiday in a hotel.  Without a doubt, our clients always let us know how much they enjoyed the in-between bits, as much as or sometimes more, than the amazing natural and man made attractions Australia offers.

Road signs along the Nullarbor

Iconic Australian road sign

Our country is large, with major cities being coastal and a vast interior desert wilderness known as the Outback, which occupies most of central Australia.

There is so much to see and do in this beautiful country and often visitors are amazed at the diversity we have.  No, it’s not all red and flat – there are amazing gorges, canyons, rainforests, beaches and escarpments as just a taste of what you can discover on a motorhome holiday in Australia. 

We are confident when we say that a motorhome holiday in Australia will most definitely guarantee you the best chance of seeing a lot more than a packaged holiday in a hotel.

You can choose to start at one location and hire a motorhome for your holiday, and return it to a different location.  For example, pick up your motorhome in Perth, drive up through Western Australia into the NT, and drop off in Darwin. Or you can do a round trip and pick up and drop off at the same depot.

An example of that might be to pick up and drop off in Brisbane and do the incredibly diverse state of Queensland.  The choice is yours, however if you’re looking for some inspiration, click here. Check out the map to find out details on where you can go and what things you could do – even scroll down on the page for longer videos that show you more regarding the highlights and time to allow.

Given that Australia is 31.5 times the size of the UK, 29 times bigger than New Zealand and is approximately the same size as continental USA, we reckon there’s a lot to see and the only way you are really going to see the ‘real’ Australia, is to get out there and see it for yourself by having a motorhome holiday.

the pinnacles western australia

The Pinnacles

Just think of all the amazing road trips you could take? Each motorhome holiday in Australia, you could explore another corner of this amazing country!

Travel the West coast of Australia and have your breath taken away by the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Some of these beaches along this coastline, over the years, have been voted as being some of the best in the world. Explore the stunning Ningaloo coast, which includes one of the longest coral fringing reefs in the world and has outstanding universal value in conservation. This coastline is also home to some world class surfing spots too, this coastline is quite spectacular!

Travel further north and experience the lush tropical Top End and see for yourself the picturesque National Parks such as Litchfield, Kakadu (world heritage site) and Nitmiluk, to name but a few. These National Parks really show a different side to Australia, being so lush and green and can be a stark contrast to other parts of the country.

Travel up through the Red Centre and see Uluru (Ayres Rock) for yourself. This majestic geological formation dominates the vast red sandy plain of central Australia. Not far from a multitude of other amazing natural landscape formations, such as Kings Canyon, MacDonnell Ranges and Devils Marbles.

Perhaps you’d like to hit the east coast and start your motorhome holiday in Australia by starting in Cairns, which makes for a road tripping nirvana, with picture perfect beaches, rainforests, hip cities and don’t forget the largest living thing on earth –  the Great Barrier Reef! This 2,300km long ecosystem comprises of thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands made of over 600 types of hard and soft coral.

Perhaps the rugged coastline of the Great Australian Bight, with dramatic cliff edges hanging off the Great Ocean Road and the aussie iconic driving experience, the Nullarbor, may entice you to seek out the fabulous scenery and contrasting landscapes. Don’t forget to check out the world class vinyards in South Australia and savour the fresh local oysters!


Tasmania coastal scenery

Perhaps you fancy a trip to Tasmania. Come and explore the vast rugged wilderness areas and breath-taking scenery which makes for a perfect motorhome holiday in Australia. You’ll be amazed by the typical landscapes that make up Tasmania – lakes, mountains, beaches and mining sites interspersed with charming villages that make up the landscape of this stunning land.  Best to have a motorhome holiday in summer, if you’re checking out the apple isle.

If you are thinking about getting started and planning your travels, you can get in touch with us and we can help you plan your route and work through which vehicle best suits your needs.

We really believe that if you want to explore this magnificent country, the only way to see it, is to get out on the road, and explore it for yourself. You get to keep your independence during your travels and stay flexible, as you can change plans to suit you. You might want to check out this blog, as we talk about the pros and cons of hiring a campervan.

Whichever route you choose, we hope you get to experience Australia’s finest – first hand!

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