Fuel in remote locations

June 13, 2014

Continuing with the theme of Motorhome Myths when travelling in a motorhome rental in Australia, question we are sometimes asked is regarding fuel when travelling in remote areas.

Will I run out of fuel when travelling in remote areas in Australia?

When travelling in a hired 2WD camper, there is no need to carry extra fuel (and it will breach your insurance). You’ll be sticking to the sealed roads, and there rarely is ever more than 200 km between fuel stops. In some areas it can be greater – 300 km’s tops, but you’ll find anything over 100 km is always well signposted, and the distance is never greater than what you’d get from a tank of fuel.

Travelling in remote areas in Australia

Travelling in remote areas in Australia

In remote areas, fuel is available from Roadhouses, which offer basic grocery items, meals and often have a campground nearby, if you prefer a powered site. You’ll find most maps also indicate the fuel locations in the remote areas to assist planning your trip.

Out of interest,  you can travel all the way around Australia in your motorhome on a sealed road.

We have some information on the iconic self drive trip from Adelaide to Darwin, where we provide more information on travelling in remote areas.  This will show you what the road looks like and provide more tips when travelling in Australia’s outback.

You’ll also find when you’re travelling in your motorhome rental a number of free camping locations when travelling in the more remote areas.  These are sometimes road side rest areas, or maybe on the banks of a river.  These areas allow overnight camping for self contained motorhomes and are also a great way to meet fellow travellers.

If you are planning a 4WD camper trip to an outback area in Australia, more planning is required as there are some more remote areas which do not have fuel options.  We can provide more information on that if interested.  We do have a range of vehicles that can travel (ie are allowed to travel), in quite remote areas.  Some of the 4WD hire companies do have restrictions in place when travelling on some specific remote 4WD tracks.  That’s why we love that we have options for those of you who are adventurous and would like the option of explore some of these beautiful and still very remote areas in Australia.

If you would like a quote for options on camper hire, please let us know.  We’d also like to know if you are flexible with your travel dates, as sometimes it can be cheaper to move your travel dates by a few days.

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