Motorhome Rentals Australia and where to find dump stations

October 18, 2012

Motorhome Rentals Australia

Motorhome Rentals Australia

When considering motorhome rentals in Australia, many clients are interested in the odd night of free or low cost camping while on holiday.  In Australia there are many opportunities for this, particular in the more remote areas, and you will find plenty of people just like yourself enjoying this also.

We only recommend freedom camping in a self contained motorhome rentals in Australia, because of the impact on the environment, plus for your own comfort and convenience.

This means you’ll need to find a ‘dump station’ while travelling which is where you empty your toilet and waste water from your motorhome.  Toilet and waste water must be emptied at an approved dump station.

There are a few different ways you can find a dump station while travelling in Australia.  The first is simply by looking out for a road sign which looks like this:

Motorhome Rentals Australia and Dump Stations

You’ll see these types of signs on the highway, cities and remote areas when you are in the vicinity of a public dump station.

For others, particularly if you are doing a fair amount of free or low cost camping while in your motorhome rentals in Australia, you may like to do a little more planning.

Motorhome Rentals Australia

Motorhome Rentals Australia

One way is to get your hands on a copy of the Camps Australia Wide Guide, which lets you know the location of many dump stations while travelling in the easy to use Guide.

Not all dump stations in Australia are located in this Guide, however it is a handy reference while on the road and suits most travellers.

For those that have access to the internet and really want to be prepared while travelling, or are planning a day by day trip before leaving home, then you may find the Sani Dumps website useful. This is an independent site, which lists the locations of dump stations all over Australia.  It’s pretty easy to use, where you can narrow down to the region where you are looking for a dump station. Please remember, information can change, however in my experience, this site is fairly up to date.

Many travellers who enjoy motorhome rentals in Australia do spend some or all of their nights in a commercial campground, where they can enjoy the benefits for extra facilities and powered sites.  Many of these campgrounds also have a dump station on site.  A few of these campgrounds also allow you to pay a fee to empty your waste if you choose not to stay in the campground, if you truly have your heart set on freedom camping as often as possible.

We look forward to speaking to you further if you are interested to campervan Australia – fill in our easy to use quote form for campervan hire to get information on costs for your specific travel dates, or you are welcome to send us an email or give us a phone call.

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