The Nullarbor - Adelaide to Perth

October 24, 2014

Here is an information video on travelling from Adelaide to Perth across the iconic Nullarbor Plains. In the video we will answer many popular questions:

  • When is the best time to travel across the Nullarbor?
  • Which direction is best to drive across the Nullarbor?
  • What is there to see when driving across the Nullarbor?
  • How close can you get to the Bunda Cliffs?
  • Is it the same scenery the whole way across the Nullarbor?
  • Where you do you camp when travelling across the Nullarbor?
  • How often can you by fuel (petrol and diesel) when driving the Nullarbor?
  • Can you buy basic grocery items at the road houses when crossing the Nullarbor?
  • What are the temperatures like when crossing the Nullarbor?
  • Is it a sealed road all the way across the Nullarbor?

You won’t be disappointed crossing the Nullarbor, driving between Adelaide and Perth with fabulous scenery and contrasting landscapes.

The stunning Bunda Cliffs while crossing the Nullarbor in a camper

The stunning Bunda Cliffs while crossing the Nullarbor in a camper

While crossing the Nullarbor Plain is a bucket list item for many, some may be surprised to see there is far more than a ‘treeless’ plain to this popular trip. On the Adelaide side of the crossing, you’ve got the beautiful Eyre Peninsular to explore, brimming with fresh seafood, friendly locals and idyllic beaches. There’s great opportunity for spotting wildlife, including the Southern Right Whales from the Bunda Cliffs as you head towards the Nullarbor – more on that soon. You’ll drive Australia’s longest straight road, and you’ll find the scenery is continually changing as you head towards Norseman, passing the world’s longest golf course, the Nullarbor Links. Norseman represents the end of the crossing (or beginning) and is where you can make a decision to head out to the spectacular WA coastline, or continue your journey via Kalgoorlie, through the Golden Outback. Travelling south would be more popular, time permitting, with the turquoises waters framed with white beaches.  This information video gives more detail on exploring the south west corner of Western Australia.

We’ll be sharing our favourite highlights with you including just how close you get to the stunning Bunda Cliffs in the Great Australian Bight. Visit the Eyre Peninsular on the way, keep your eyes open for wildlife, and take the time to explore the southern Western Australia coastline after crossing the Nullarbor Plain.

Enjoy learning more about travelling the iconic Nullarbor Plain from Adelaide to Perth. Here’s a PDFyou can download if you would like information to print out.

If you would like a quote to get you started, you can fill in our simple online quote request, or send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you a personalised pack of information to get you started.

If you’re new to camper travel in Australia, have a watch of this ‘getting started for your camper holiday in Australia‘ online video which will assist your planning.

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