Is travelling in the Outback unsafe?

June 2, 2014

We’re always speaking with people regarding motorhome hire holidays to Australia. While most people know how amazing and rewarding it can be to travel around Australia, some people do raise concerns. In our view, a number of those concerns have no basis and are no more than myths, or can easily be overcome.

One question we sometimes get asked….

Is travelling in the outback of Australia safe? – we’ve travelled all over Australia in a motorhome hire and never felt unsafe. In fact we’ve found the people in the outback to be very friendly and hospitable. On one of our outback adventures we were chatting with a local in an outback pub and he told us a true story which is a good example of the mis-informed attitude of some travellers. In some of these remote areas, the distances between Cattle Stations are great, so helicopters are a way for some of the local farmers to travel. On one excursion, the chopper pilot saw a car had broken down. Knowing it was a hot day, he landed the helicopter to see if he could help. The stranded travellers dived into their car and locked all the doors rather than being grateful that someone had stopped to help. Seeing the wheel needed to be changed, the pilot did this and also left a bottle of cold water – still the stranded tourists stayed locked in their car until the pilot left.

Travelling in your Motorhome Hire in Outback Australia

Travelling in your Motorhome Hire in Outback Australia

In terms of the popular travelling routes that many travellers take with their motorhome hire, you’ll find plenty of other travellers just like you.  Even in quite remote areas, for example driving from Adelaide to Darwin, it is a sealed road and these days is becoming more and more popular.  Yes, you’ll still have a feeling of remoteness, however, if something was to go wrong, you can be sure that someone will come along and stop to check you are ok.  It is always important to carry drinking water with you, whenever you are travelling in the outback of Australia.  We have a video that covers a lot more detail on the self drive adventure from Adelaide to Darwin, or more detail on the area around Darwin and the Kakadu National Park.

If you are more adventurous and travelling in a 4WD, you can still find remote places in Australia and more planning is required for these types of trips.  In terms of safety, common sense is always important like checking road and weather conditions before you set out.  Another important rule if something was to go wrong, is never to leave your vehicle as it is very easy to become disorientated and lost in the outback.

You’ll find, especially in the more remote areas of Australia, an opportunity for some free camping with your motorhome hire.  Sometimes in these areas, they can be something like a rest area, but often opening up a little way behind the road.  In these areas, you’ll usually find other campers like yourself and it is a great opportunity to have a chat with fellow travellers to learn a little more about the area you are visiting.  The average people that tend to use these overnight rest stops are couples aged between 55 – 75, from all walks of life who are only too happy to share what they have been up to for the day, and hear about your highlights.  You’ll probably find some of these evenings are quite memorable and even highlights of your trip.

Travel in the outback of Australia with a motorhome hire

Travel in the outback of Australia with a motorhome hire

If you’re sticking to the sealed road with your motorhome hire when travelling in Australia you’ll find Road Houses along your route where you can purchase fuel and basic grocery items – sometimes, not even that basic!.  Check the signs as you’re travelling as to how many kilometres until the next fuel stop to ensure you fill up as required.

Have a chat with us if you are considering a camper or motorhome hire in Australia, as we’ve been there and done that so can answer your questions with confidence.  We have a range of campers to suit all tastes and budgets.  You can request a quick quote, where we’ll show you a range of options to meet your needs.  Otherwise, shoot us an email at [email protected] or give us a call on 07 3314 1518. We look forward to speaking to you further about your outback camper holiday in Australia.

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