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September 21, 2011

Rent a campervan in Australia

Rent a campervan in Australia

Cities and many regional towns have internet cafes in Australia.  You’ll also find many of the camping grounds have a public computer.  Consider setting up an email account like ‘hotmail’ or ‘yahoo’ for family and friends to email you, which can be accessed at a variety of locations when you rent a campervan in Australia.

If you own a lap top, consider bringing this on your journey.  If you are think you will rent a campervan in Australia, many of our larger vehicles have a safe large enough for a laptop.

Make sure you have a wireless modem, so you’ll have a few options available to connect to the internet.

  1. Most McDonald cafes and some libraries have free wireless internet access.  You’ll notice a sign at other cafes that also offer this service.
  2. You can purchase a ‘pay as you go’ style card which gives you access at certain ‘hotspots’ – this can be limiting as you need to be in a ‘hot spot’ for access to be given
  3. The most common method to access mobile internet is via USB 3G modem purchased from one of our telco’s.  It’s a small device, also known as a ‘dongle’ which plugs into the USB port on your computer and provides internet access wherever there is coverage.
  • If you are going to rent a campervan in Australia and are coming from another country, there are few ways you can purchase the USB 3G modem.

i.      Most commonly, connection is via a plan, with a minimum of 12 months.  This may suit you if you are travelling in a campervan for a period of time.

ii.      It is also possible to purchase ‘pay as you go’ – again there are a variety of options, so it is best to look into what is best for your requirements

  • Currently Telstra 3G has the best ‘coverage’ in Australia.

i.      All cities and many regional towns have coverage with all providers in Australia; however as soon as you get away from these areas, coverage varies.  There are many areas of Australia which do not have coverage, so whichever provider you choose, check the ‘coverage map’ to ensure what you are purchasing will suit your holiday needs.

Rent a Campervan in Australia

Rent a Campervan in Australia

The other benefit of bringing your lap top is the ability to download your photographs as you travel.  If you have some time in the evenings, it’s a good opportunity to label the pictures, so one less job to do when you return.  Also a good idea, if you will rent a campervan in Australia for a longer period of time – saves you forgetting where all those magic spots were!

If you are going to rent a campervan in Australia, you’ll also have 240 volt plugs in your camper which work when you are staying in a powered camp site and connected to the mains.  This will give you the opportunity to charge your laptop and any other electronic devices.

Ensure you back up your computer prior to travelling.

We look forward to speaking to you further if you are interested in a Motorhome Adventure in Australia – fill in our easy to use quote form for campervan hire to get information on costs for your specific travel dates, or you are welcome to send us an email or give us a phone call.


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