Rent a Campervan – why not get a Camp Oven?

April 12, 2013


Rent a Campervan

Rent a Campervan

Many of our clients travel for a period of time when they rent a campervan, and enjoy freedom camping.  At some freedom and commercial camps, it is possible to have camp fires.  One of the best pieces of equipment for cooking on a camp fire is a camp oven.

A camp oven, also known as a ‘dutch oven’ is a basically like cooking your food in an oven, meaning just about anything can be cooked over the open fire.  Most camp ovens are made from cast iron, although these days you can purchase aluminium and spun steel ones too.

Cast iron camp ovens tend to be the cheapest but are also the heaviest as well – obviously these are not ideal to be putting in your suitcase when you fly back home after your holiday.  However the cast iron camp ovens are priced from about AU$35 so is not a great extra cost when you rent a campervan.

Pretty much all camping stores in Australia sell the camp ovens and also some of the larger department stores like Big W, have from time to time in their camping section.  Because the outlay is not large, many leave the camp oven behind at the end of the camper holiday for someone else to use.  Most depots have a box where you can leave items you no longer require for another lucky traveller.

These are fairly inexpensive items and come in box or you can buy a special bag for easy storage when you rent a campervan.

Rent a Campervan

Rent a Campervan

When we’re off on a road trip, we just about always take our camp oven, and enjoy many tasty meals like a roast or even pizza.  They are pretty easy to use, it is just a matter of making some coals in your fire and then putting some under your camp oven and sprinkling a few on top.  This way is much easier to control the temperature than if you put the whole thing in the fire.  It’s a good idea to have a trivet as well to keep your meat or vege off the bottom of the camp oven.  The lid of the camp oven also makes a good frying pan for use in the fire too.   They’re also really easy to clean out after – just tip it upside down in the fire and any food will burn off.If you’re travelling for a while when you rent a campervan, there are a few other tools that you can get to assist with using the camp oven, like a simple tool to lift off the lid when it is hot and a tripod if you do want to cook directly in the fire.  A spade is a good idea too, if you want to pull hot coals out of the fire.

A night around a camp fire always makes for a memorable evening when you rent a campervan.

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