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August 9, 2010

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Tasmania by Campervan

We flew into Hobart, Tasmania excited that our next adventure was about to begin.  We’d heard so many great stories about travelling around the island; it was great that it was finally a reality.

First we had to collect the campervan that we’d hired.  That was painless, and it wasn’t long before we were on the road.  It’s always such a great feeling setting off on another campervan trip.


Crater Lake at Cradle Mountain

Tasmania, or Tas as its commonly referred to,  is set up perfectly for campervan travel, and of course campervan hire as the distances between destinations are not large and the scenery stunning – driving is an attraction in itself!  Lakes, mountains, beaches and mining sites interspersed with charming villages make up the typical landscape.

There was a certain English charm as we meandered through the villages.  The stone work which was completed by convict labour, reminded us of our previous travels in the UK.  There is a lot of culture and history just waiting to be explored as we arrive at each village.  Fresh produce and local crafts also feature heavily on our itinerary.

While the travelling itself was a highlight on this trip, two destinations in particular stand out as ‘must sees’; Strahan and Port Arthur.

Strahan, on the West Coast of Tasmania was where we boarded a boat cruise to explore the stunning ancient rainforest in Gordon Valley before spending time on Sarah Island.  Sarah Island was where we saw the ruins of an old convict settlement.  Our guides story, really made the place come alive.

The other destination highlight for us was Port Arthur, on the southern coast.  Also a convict settlement, we visited an old prison which gives a wonderful insight into what life was like in those days.  The natural landscape of high cliffs, ocean and thick forest made it near impossible for anyone to consider escaping.  A stunning location steeped in history.

Travelling in our campervan was easy, as there is an array of camping grounds including plenty of freedom camps.  As we had a self contained campervan, we stayed in these bush camps and were beautiful locations.  Of course, Tasmania is also famous for its local produce and wines.  Sampling these was another highlight on this campervan holiday.

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