Tasmania Escorted Tour for 2016 has set off

December 1, 2016

Our 2016 Tasmania Tour set off a little over a week ago, and are exploring the wonders of this beautiful island.


Nelson Falls

Having set off from Hobart 9 days ago, they’ve already cruised around Bruny Island, spotted a rare albino wallaby, sailed next to dolphins, tasted exquisite cheeses, hopped on board the Queenstown railway and enjoyed the lush green scenery, walked to Nelson Falls, explored the town of Hamilton and enjoyed a few happy hours along the way!

Our Tasmania Escorted Tour group are now settling into the sights of Cradle Mountain and will get to enjoy the dramatic scenery and enjoy lots of treks around this iconic part of Tasmania.


Happy Hour!

This island may be Australia’s smallest state but it is rich in interesting convict heritage, it has too many to list picturesque lakes, waterfalls and scenic walks. It boasts exquisite local produce to taste around the whole island and has amazing wildlife you can experience first-hand – what’s not to love about this state?

Ok so maybe it can be a little cold during the winter months, that is why our Tasmania Escorted Tours make the most of the summer months and with careful planning you can certainly get to see the best this island has to offer.

If you are thinking of hiring a motorhome to go exploring in Tasmania or perhaps are interested in joining us on our next Tasmania Escorted motorhome tour which sets off on February 2017, then get in touch with us as we can help you plan your trip and get the best out of your experience on this beautiful island.


Hop drying shed nestled amongst luscious green scenery

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