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September 2, 2019

Tasmania – a curious island on the edge of the world!

Our team has been busy booking lots of amazing holidays for our travellers for the Tasmanian spring and summer time for those looking to explore and unwind in the majestic Tasmania with campervan hire from Hobart.

Although beautiful at any time of the year, Tasmania really comes alive in the spring and summertime with its unique mixture of rugged mountains, spectacular coastlines, native forests, sparkling lakes and picturesque beaches.  Campervan hire from Hobart is the perfect way to explore this enchanting region.

Campervan Hire Hobart

Campervan Hire Hobart

One of our favourite places while travelling in a campervan hire is to fill our lungs with spring air in beautiful Tasmania – green and lush after the winter rains, this is the perfect time to experience the spectacular scenery, unique flora and fauna, coastal and heritage walks and to see Tassie’s magnificent waterfalls in their full splendour.

Native wildlife is especially active at this time of year; with baby wombats and Tasmanian devils venturing from their mother’s pouches to take their first unsteady steps, colonies of Little Penguins waddling into shore each dusk and humpback whales cruising south with their newborn calves. The temperature sits at a comfortable 18-20°C, wonderful for exploring Tasmania’s famed walking trails in comfort.

The milder weather brings with it a profusion of wildflowers, spreading themselves across the coastal healthland and up into the cool alpine regions, with Tassie’s famous lavender coming into flower and orchards bursting with apples and pears, and sweet new-season strawberries ripe for the picking! Arriving just before peak-period means less crowds and shorter queues to enjoy Tasmania’s vibrant cultural scene at your leisure too…and you’re never far from a world-class museum, art gallery or artistic event here!

As you work your way around Tasmania after collecting you campervan hire in Hobart, you’ll love sampling some of Australia’s most acclaimed culinary delights, from the tastiest produce and hand-crafted cheeses to freshly caught seafood – and in this place where quality of life rules all, no one is ever too busy to pull up a stool and have a chat! As the cool of the evening draws in, snuggle up in front of a crackling campfire with a hot chocolate to share a few laughs.  Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? What are you waiting for? Tasmania’s food and wine attracts foodies from all over the world – and offers everything from cheap and cheerful pubs to high-end restaurants.

Port Arthur - Campervan Hire Hobart

Port Arthur – Campervan Hire Hobart

When exploring Tasmania in your campervan hire from Hobart, it doesn’t matter which direction you travel the loop – it really depends what your preference is.  If you have enough time, heading over to the wild west will not disappointed.  You’d really need a minimum of 14 days to do the loop from Hobart to include Strahan in your campervan hire.  Alternatively, if you have less time available to you, you can shoot up the middle of Tassie from Hobart in your campervan hire to Launceston.  From there, you may like to explore the nothern coastline, or if time is tight, head east to the spectacular Bay of Fires.  You want want to miss Freycient National Park which is north east of Hobart.  Tasmania’s history will certainly come alive with a visit to Port Arthur.

When planning a campervan hire from Hobart to explore Tasmania it can be easy to underestimate the time required to experience this magical place.  Our retired clients like to travel from Hobart for usually at least 21 days, and some much longer.  The best time to hire a motorhome from Hobart is November to March/April.

What are your plans in February? We run a popular escorted motorhome tour at this time if you’d like some company, all the planning done, loads of inclusions with plenty of freedom/flexibility. We can’t wait to show you all this and more! If you’d like more information, give our friendly team an email or a call today, or pay us a visit at one our upcoming motorhome shows.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to travel on your own? If so, contact us today for a quote for Campervan hire Hobart and a list of vehicle options to choose from.  It’s important to note that the vehicle depots in Tasmania for Campervan hire Hobart aren’t as large as those on the mainland, so if you had been thinking about exploring this gem touch base with us today!

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