Hiring a campervan for a short rental?

September 1, 2016

Thinking about what is included in your camper rental or what you should pack?

We get asked this often, so we’ve put together this simple explanation that will cover the basics of what is included in your rental and also a few suggestions on what basics to pack and bring with you.

LINEN PACKplanning-your-camper-holiday

Most of our vehicles are supplied with freshly laundered linen and bedding that will include one pillow, pillow case, duvet and sheet per person. This will also include a bath towel per person but we’ve find its really useful to bring an extra swimming towel / sarong also.

Currently the Cheapa Campa and Hippie brands do not have linen included in the standard rates, however can be added for a small cost, or is included in the ‘inclusive pack’.


The ‘kitchens’ regardless of size vehicle you are hiring come with the basics like pots, frying pan, plates, glasses, coffee cups and utensils.  Some of our premium motorhomes do come with extras like a coffee plunger and wine glasses.

Extras are usually included, such as a tea towel and dishcloth, dust pan and brush, and a few clothes pegs.  Some vehicles do supply a complimentary first night pack which can include soap and toilet paper, matches, dishwashing liquid and sponge, salt and pepper, coffee, tea and sugar sachets.

If you have the space though, we do suggest bringing a couple of extra things like a small container of washing powder, dishwashing liquid, extra scourers and even your choice of tea/coffee to save purchasing new products of everything.  Some people also bring another tea towel or two as well.

For those on longer hires, say from around 7 days +, you’ll find that you’ll end up stocking up on larger quantities so only bring extra items with you if you have the space.

Also pack some zip lock bags or containers if you want to store left over food. The zip lock bags especially are good as they fold down and take virtually no extra space to pack.


Remember you’ll find shops en-route, so don’t get too carried away with bringing too much ‘stuff’ as it’ll just take up space and you could end up tripping over this and it’ll become one of those annoying things!  If you’re travelling in one of our smaller campers, then bringing your luggage in a soft bag is a great idea, as you can unpack your belongings into the cupboards and squash the bags into the under seat storage.  If you are picking up and returning to the same depot, at some depots you can leave a suitcase behind in a locker, if that is easier for you.

We’ve got more information on packing suggestion in these two blogs ‘Camper Rentals Australia – packing for your holiday’ and ‘What to pack for camper holiday’ you might find useful.

If you’re looking for campervan hire, you can check out our vehicle options here or feel free to get in touch with us and we’d be happy to go through your options with you.



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