Family motorhome holiday in Western Australia - why everyone needs to go on one!

December 12, 2017

Picking up your motorhome hire from Perth is just the beginning of your exciting adventure in this corner of the country.


Stunning views of the city from Kings Park

Western Australia has been on our bucket list since, well…forever!  So, why the delay?  Well, as we needed to fly, literally, from one side of the country to the other, hubby and I seemed to keep getting stuck in a cyclic conversation about when to go, and how long to go for to make it worth our while…should we save it up for one big trip, would we ever have time for one big trip? You get the idea! Anyway, thanks largely to a recent bargain-basement flight sale – the bullet was bitten, the flights were booked and last month our (short!) family WA motorhome holiday finally became a reality!

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs (check out the links below), the Gallivanting Oz team love a family road trip – and our family is no exception! It really doesn’t matter where we go – it’s always an adventure and the ‘together time’ is completely invaluable.  It’s one of the few times in our hectic lives when we can all slow down; there’s time for easy conversation, to unwind, enjoy each other’s company and reconnect.  Memory making to the max!

Having never been to WA before, the first step was to decide where we wanted to go in our motorhome hire from Perth.  And believe me when I tell you that the choices are vast! One you start to research you realise that Western Australia is absolutely jam-packed with incredible destinations to travel in the motorhome.


Western Australian beaches are some of the best in the world

Taking our rather short time-frame into account, we decided to spend a few days around Perth and then head and do a bit of a coastal/inland loop in the motorhome.  The verdict?  Wow.  What an incredible part of the country!  Just an hour or two’s travel can transport you from WA’s beautiful state capital and the stunning pure white beaches just south of Perth, into the southern old growth forests, and beside it – one of Australia’s premium wine and food regions, the Margaret River!

Journey just a little way inland in the motorhome and you’ll find yourself exploring cattle country and the red dirt of the outback. Then there’s the incredible caves (our favourite was the magnificent Lake Cave, featuring an underground river and formations like I’d never seen before!) and incredible things you won’t find in many other places in the world, like thrombolites, quokkas, twenty-eight parrots….and nothing can prepare you for the wildflowers.  Stretching from the roadside into the forests and across the bush, it’s as though all the plants and trees have been set ablaze in a myriad of colours.

All this and we only visited a tiny corner of this enormous, incredible state in our motorhome hire from Perth.  We saw and learned such a lot, but two things stand out the most…

  • No 1. We definitely shouldn’t have left it so long to visit
  • No 2. We’ll be visiting WA again very, very soon!

If you’d like to hear about the places we visited on our short family road trip in more detail, you can read our ‘Motorhome Hire from Perth‘ blog and its second part in the series ‘South Western Australia – spectacular family motorhome holiday‘.

Alternatively, take a peek at our Travel Routes where we provide a whole heap of information on travelling around this country which can come in use when planning your trip here and get in touch with us to find out what deals we can get you and make sure you are paired up with the best vehicle to suit your travel needs!

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