Kununurra flights to the Bungle Bungles

April 23, 2017

When you are travelling from Darwin to Perth, Kununurra is the magnificent gateway to the eastern Kimberleys.

During our Darwin to Perth or Perth to Darwin Escorted Motorhome Tours, we pass through the Kimberley region and it has fast become a favourite of ours and our Gallivanters on tour.


Purnululu National Park

If you are heading to this region of Western Australia, either on tour, or when you hire a motorhome, then it might be worth considering a birds eye view to see it in all its glory. It is truly spectacular and we don’t think you can get the true enormity of the scale and beauty unless you see it from above.

Kununurra flights to the Bungle Bungles is a popular bucket list ‘to do’ as a scenic flight. The fixed wing flight options vary, from travelling over the Eastern Kimberleys and experiencing the imposing sight of Purnululu National Park where you can soak up the sights of beehive like mounds of the Bungle Bungles, Lake Argyle, Lake Argyle Diamond Mine and Ord River Irrigation Area. The flight path will vary, depending on which flight you choose as there are quite a few companies that operate from here.

Generally though, the flights take almost the same spectacular route – making a big loop to the Bungle Bungles Range and back, which takes around 2 hours. Some companies have longer options which includes fly over more areas, but you can choose the flight path depending on what it is you want to see.

From our experience, you can’t go wrong with booking with any of these fantastic companies:

Kingfisher Tours – (08) 9148 2630
Kimberley Air Tours – (08) 9168 2653
Aviair – 1800 095 500

However, if you struggle to hear over ambient noise, you may like to choose ‘Kingfisher Tours’ who are the only company to provide 2-way headsets, and we consistently receive excellent reviews with this company.

There are two different tours which are popular – if timing and budget isn’t an issue, we would recommend the longer flight, as you get to fly over the Cockburn (pronounced Co-burn) Ranges and Wyndham also. We would suggest pre-booking the flights once you know the date and time you will be in Kununurra. The 2pm flight does give a nice light for these two routes.

purnululu scenic flights table

Either of the scenic flights above are good, but if you’d like to see just the Bungle Bungles from the air, you may prefer a helicopter ride as this does provide a different experience altogether than a fixed wing plane.

Bungle bungles helicopter flight

Bungle bungles helicopter flight

We use Bungle Bungle Expeditions, as they work out of the Bungle Bungle Caravan Park, which is the campground just off the highway, near the entrance to the Purnululu National Park where the Bungle Bungles are situated. However, there are several helicopter providers available, nearby in Warmun and it will depend on where you are located, as to which service provider best suits your needs.  You can check out their helicopter routes and flight prices here.

In terms of pricing, the fixed wing flights from Kununurra give you more ‘bang for your buck’ as other areas are also included while you are in the air, but the helicopter ride does get you nice and low and probably gives a more exciting experience.  Although, we always find people are buzzing after doing either the scenic fixed wing flight or the helicopter flight in this area.

If you are travelling around the Derby/Broome area too, have you considered checking out the naturally occurring phenomenon the Horizontal Falls? Described as ‘one of the greatest wonders of the world’ this is a sight worth seeing to. You can read more about it here in our blog.

If you are in the process of planning a motorhome holiday around Australia, get in touch as we can work with you to find the best deal that suits your needs.

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