Mobile phones and driving in Australia – what are the rules?

April 17, 2018

using mobile phone when driving in australiaIn general, you’ll probably find the best rule of thumb and safest rule to go by, is to avoid using your phone completely while driving.

You are allowed to use hands free devices in Australia, but not if it means you have to hold the phone or touch the phone to activate a call.

In layman’s terms – if you touch your phone at all while you are driving, you are breaking the law!

What does this mean?

It is widely understood now that any interaction with your phone whilst driving is a potential threat to road safety and studies have shown that even using hands-free while driving can also cause distractions and increase the chances of a road traffic incident.

Using a phone while driving, whether its hand free or not, is shown to:

  • Slow down your responses and therefore decrease the time you have to react to potential danger
  • Loose focus and become distracted which will take your awareness off road conditions
  • You might miss road signs
  • Maintaining a safe speed, distance and managing lane position is harder to sustain consistency
  • Driving may become erratic and prone to take riskier manoeuvres such as tailgating or reducing the amount of safe space between you and the vehicle in front

Out on the road in Central QldStatistics show that using your mobile phone while driving are four times more likely to be involved in a crash and this statistic includes the use of hands free devices too!

There are different road rules for the use of mobile phones in each of the states such as whether you are a Provisional Drivers licence holder, and able to use the phone to listen to music or can you use the loudspeaker even + many more exceptions to consider.

Each state has comprehensive Road Safety Rules on mobile phones, and it would be our advice to read up on the state you plan to visit, just so you can be sure of the Do’s and Don’ts.

TOP TIP: If you can, we suggest you just pack your phone away in your pocket or handbag while driving to avoid any misinterpretation of the rules and avoid any potential fines and demerit points should you get stopped. Not only that, it’ll keep you safer on the roads!

Check out the links below for each of the states for full information on road rules.

If you are planning a motorhome holiday here in Australia, get in touch as we can help you organise your motorhome hire as well as give you some pointers worth thinking about during your stay; such as what not to miss on your journey as well as some safety information while you are on your travels.

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