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July 26, 2019

Sydney is an extremely diverse and colourful city and makes for a great place to start your motorhome hire from Sydney. It’s a vibrant city that shines and plenty of all year round events, there’s always something to do!

Taronga Zoo, Sydney, NSW

Taronga Zoo, Sydney, NSW

Before you book your motorhome hire from Sydney, you might want to consider the best time of year to go. Of course, you can head to Sydney anytime of the year, but depending on the type of holiday you want; you may prefer to go in the warmer months.

One option is to pick up your motorhome hire in Sydney and head north along the coastline into Queensland.  You will find the weather will start to warm the further north you head so the best times of year for this are Autumn, Winter or Spring – especially if you have your sights set on returning the motorhome to Cairns. One-way motorhome hire from Sydney to Brisbane or Cairns are not a problem – in fact it is quite popular.  You could make it a round trip if you wanted to and explore further inland on your return journey. We would suggest if you were going to travel from Sydney to Cairns, that you avoid the summer months if you can – more on that below.

Another option is to travel south, again along the coast from Sydney to Melbourne.  This is also a very popular trip with spectacular coastline and plenty of little nooks and crannies to explore.  Check out the climates below, but most travellers avoid winter during this time as it can be cold and generally more rain is experienced during that time.  This is a great one to do early Spring or late Autumn.  Summer can still be hot, but that all depends what sort of temperatures you are used to.

Exploring the areas around NSW is also popular in a motorhome hire from Sydney.  One of our favourites is the Blue Mountains. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to meander through the scenic drives here – some great walks to do also. This is a great detour for any of the routes out of Sydney.

The weather in Sydney

Bondi Beach, Bondi, NSW

Bondi Beach, Bondi

Summer months are between December and February and is also high season, but during this time the weather is hot and you may experience some humidity too and it is not uncommon to get some of the tropical rain from the north. Average temperatures range between highs of 26oC and lows of 19oC (80oF – 66oF), it’s a great time of year to be in this part of the country but it does get hot.

Autumn months are between March and May and we reckon this is possibly the best time to visit as you’ll still get some of the heat of the summer months but it is less busy (out of school holidays) and with infrequent rain, the weather is ideal for sightseeing. Average temperatures range from highs of 23oC and lows of 15oC (73oF – 59oF). This is a beautiful time of year to visit.

Winter months are between June and August and although we still recommend picking up your camper hire from Sydney (especially if you are planning to head north), just be prepared for the weather as it can be cold but it is not unusual to have sunny days, so you can still explore this magnificent area. Average temperatures range between highs of 17oC and lows of 8oC (63oF – 46oF). If you do go during these months then be mindful of your itinerary that it allows for a variation in temperatures and weather conditions.  Pack layers and also a jacket – if you are heading south, from Sydney it is likely you may have some rain.

NSW; Sydney; Beaches; Narrabeen Beach;

Sydney coastline

Spring months are between September and November, and very much like Autumn, we reckon is a very good time to go as in early Spring the days might still feel the chill of Winter but warmer weather is coming and the days are usually pleasant.  Average temperatures range from highs of 22oC and lows of 14oC (72oF – 57oF). This is an ideal time for setting off in your motorhome hire from Sydney.

As you can see, Sydney is an ideal location to pick up your motorhome hire from as it sits in the south eastern corner of Australia and that makes it a great place to start your adventure. It’s a great starting point to head north up into tropical Queensland where the sun pretty much shines all year round (check out our blog here if you are considering picking up your motorhome hire from Brisbane) or you could head south along the coast to Melbourne or even head west cross country to Adelaide.  Some travellers also fly into Sydney, pick up their motorhome hire and head all the way over to Perth.  Have a chat with us about timings to ensure you don’t feel too rushed.

If you find yourself spending a few days in the city before you pick up your motorhome hire from Sydney, check out some ideas on what you can do when you visit this vibrant city here.

Once you have decided on what time of year you want to visit, the next step is to look at what motorhome you might like to hire and you can check out those here or feel free to contact us here and find out how we can help assist you in the planning of your exciting trip down under.

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