Top tips for travelling Australia with Motorhomes for hire

November 1, 2010

Considering a motorhome adventure in Australia?

Contemplating exploring the ‘real’ Australia, away from the bright city lights and theme parks?

Motorhomes are available for hire with us, with these tips getting you started:

1.       Time of year

  • Travelling May to September is generally the best time to travel the northern half of the country with cooler temperatures and less rain than the summer.  The ‘wet season’ can often cause disruption to travel plans and the heat is unbearable for some
  • Travelling June to August in southern Australia can be cold
  • Motorhomes for hire have rental rates varying considerably and are more expensive in peak travel times.   If you are flexible with holiday dates, consider travelling outside of peak
  • If you are planning on exploring off the beaten track you might like to read a bit more information regarding 4WD Hire or even a 4WD Camper

2.       Freedom camps

  • Australia is full of freedom camps, which are either free or low cost camping.  They vary from beautiful locations to roadside rest areas which allow 24 hour stopping.

    Motorhomes for Hire

    Motorhomes for Hire

  • You’ll notice from 4pm these popular areas start to fill up, as fellow travellers call it a day and declare it ‘happy hour’
  • Many allow fires, unless signposted otherwise.   Having a bow saw or axe on board the motorhome you hire,  assists when collecting the odd piece of wood during your days travel (illegal to collect wood in a National Park)
  • Spend time speaking with your fellow campers to find out about any hidden ‘gems’ they’ve discovered on their travels – you will meet people going both directions
  • There are map books available which detail where the freedom camps are located to plan your route

3.       Commercial Camps

  • There are plenty of full facility campgrounds throughout Australia, with a higher concentration around popular tourist areas.  Generally there is no need to book unless there is a special event on
  • Many travellers tend to spend every third night or so in a commercial camp  either to catch up on chores like the washing or if driving small distances to charge the ancillary battery
  • There can be some distance between dump station points, so make the most of these points as you come across them.  You’ll also find some ‘RV friendly’ towns have dump points available along with water to fill your tanks
  • Motorhomes for hire have an onboard toilet and shower or you can choose from smaller camper hire, which you may prefer

4.       Distances travelled

  • Once away from the cities, Australia is full of long straight roads which makes for fairly easy driving
  • For some, travelling approx 200km per day is the goal, where for others with time constraints around 500km can be done comfortably when in the outback
  • If possible avoid travelling around sunset or sunrise as this is when the animals are most active
  • When travelling on sealed roads generally the maximum distance between fuel stops is approx 300 km in more remote locations
  • All of the motorhomes for hire can comfortably travel this distance without the need for carrying spare fuel containers

Gallivanting Oz are specialists for Campervan Hire and Motorhome Rental and Guided Campervan Tours in Australia.  So get in touch with us today and we’ll help you plan your travel to Australia!

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