Motorhome hire from Melbourne – explore the Grampians National Park

February 11, 2022

Pick up your motorhome hire from Melbourne and make your way to the Grampians National Park. You will love your time here. Be prepared! We can’t quite place our finger on it, but this magnificent range of mountains will steal your heart!

View From The Balconies Grampians NP

If you are short on time and would like to explore parts of Victoria, you’ll love our blog on how to fill in 7 days with your Melbourne campervan hire.

The Grampians National Park with your motorhome hire from Melbourne

The Grampians National Park is part of the Gariwerd Aboriginal cultural landscape.  You’ll discover majestic waterfalls and mouth dropping scenic mountain panoramas. The best way to appreciate it is on one of its many world-class walks or hikes or by taking a scenic drive in your motorhome hire.

First, pick up your motorhome hire from Melbourne, and explore the natural beauty of the Grampians for its world-famous hiking trails. This region is home to the largest number of significant and ancient Aboriginal rock art paintings and shelters in southern Australia. At only 3 hours from Melbourne it is easily accessible on your first date if you wish.

Range of walks at the Grampians

Climb To The Pinnacle Grampians NP

There are many walks to do at the Grampians. The main area you should head to first on your drive with the motorhome hire from Melbourne is to Halls Gap.  This is the town closest to many of the trail heads for the walks you’ll find around the mid region of the mountain range. This is known as Wonderland Range.

Park up your motorhome hire at the Wonderland carpark and begin your adventure! Views from the Pinnacle are famous and is well worth the effort to get there. Be warned though…it is almost a vertical climb to the Pinnacles. Well, it feels like it sometimes! It’s not for the faint hearted. However, take your time. You’ll be at the top within two hours maximum (that’s walking with two young children). You’ll find most of the time during the climb is spent being looking back over the ranges and admiring the view. Be sure to have your camera ready!

Once you reach the top, it is one of the very best vantage points in the Grampians National Park. You’ll get to see some magnificent views over a vast expanse of western Victoria.

There are a number of walking options to reach The Pinnacle.
Views From The Pinnacle Grampian NP

These vary in distance and difficulty. The easiest route to The Pinnacle departs from the Sundial carpark and ascends to The Pinnacle via Devils Gap. This is the best route to use if young children or unconfident walkers are part of your walking group. The 4.2km walk does include some water crossings and rock-hopping, so good sturdy shoes are essential.

A more challenging walk departs from the aptly named Wonderland carpark and ascends via the impressive Grand Canyon. It’s not exactly the well-known American Grand Canyon… but it’s equally impressive with its unique Australian rock formations. The walk continues through the Silent Street before rising up to The Pinnacle.

For those of you feeling really adventurous, you can walk to The Pinnacle from the base of the mountains, start at Halls Gap caravan park. This extended walk will take around five hours return so is suitable for fit and experienced walkers.

All these walks offer a variety of incredible rock formations as well as lush vegetation. In springtime, wildflowers burst into life with their brilliant bright colours. There’s an abundance of wildlife living in the park, you may even see glimpses of koalas, kangaroos, snakes, skinks and maybe even an echidna or two.

Whichever way you get there, the view from The Pinnacle lookout will astound you.
MacKenzie Falls Grampians NP

While you are exploring this area, you must check out MacKenzie Falls. This is the most iconic and spectacular waterfall in the Grampians. Watch the majestic waterfall from the lookout platform or tackle the steep climb to the base of the falls. MacKenzie Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in Victoria and a must-see on your trip in your motorhome hire from Melbourne.

There are many more options you can choose to do while you are at the Grampians in your motorhome hire from Melbourne. This is just one small section you could choose to do on your first day here!

In fact not only should the Grampians be on your plan with a motorhome hire from Melbourne, its also accessible from Adelaide. Pick up your Adelaide campervan hire and you could be in the Grampians in 5 hours! You’d be hard pushed to get there that quick though – too much to see on the way!

Where to stay in the Grampians with your motorhome hire

Silent Street Grampians

We’d suggest booking at least a couple of nights camping at Halls Gap while on your motorhome hire adventure from Melbourne. There are a choice of caravan parks and is a great base to explore the Wonderland Range area.  You’ll find there are also national park camping options on the main sealed road through the middle of the national park south from Halls Gap to the town of Dunkeld.  The national park camping in the Grampians need to be booked in advance through Parks Victoria.

If you are keen to pick up a motorhome or campervan hire from Melbourne, speak to us today. We will show you the best options for you trip. Get in touch with our friendly experts and we’ll get you out on the road and make this trip become a reality for you.

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